Doug said @ IDMA Leadership Meet

Got Motivated with Doug at IDMA Leadership Meet

After training 500,000 people in 5 different continents, it was our turn. As data partners to the IDMA Leadership Meet, Span Global Services was proud to host one of the most influential keynote speakers of United States and the world – Doug Dvorak. Who is Doug Dvorak? By his website, Doug is well-known for his “signature minty-fresh breath”. As an audience though, our day was saved from another boring boardroom babble. Featured in CBS, Fox News, CNN, Oprah ...
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Why Your Mailing Database is Amassing Subscribers – NOT Readers

Your mailing database is where all your customers are – existent, and potential. Collected from multiple sources and channels, they are subscribers to your various email marketing campaigns too. They are what you know in digital marketing as, your active subscriber-base. But about 89% marketers are guilty of treating their readers as mere numbers in the lead generation machine. Result: a list of ripe prospects turning into couch potatoes over time. Amassing huge number of ...
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How to Know When NOT to Purchase Email Databases

If your list is bad, the first thing that will be hurt is your email deliverability. Poor deliverability will result in poor open rates, poorer click-throughs, and worse conversions. And like the one rotten apple in the basket, one bad email list will contaminate your campaign statistics bunch. Save your marketing ROI. Don’t purchase email databases for the sake of purchasing. Know what you are buying, and what you are leaving out. 10 Must-Checks When You Purchase Email Databases for ...
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5 Freeways to Boost your B2B Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

Are you a B2B marketer? Sorry then. No holidays for you this Thanksgiving. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to convey gratitude and best wishes to your clients and prospects on the merry occasion. But more importantly, such occasions are also the best opportunities to leverage your databases, gain more on the brand awareness front, and gather better qualified, opt-in subscribed leads from your Thanksgiving email campaigns. 5 Easy-to-Follow Optimization Steps for Your Thanksgiving Email Campaigns ...
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How to Make a Data-driven business out of Data Appending

More data doesn't always lead to better insights. However, it is still an opportunity for you to leverage your marketing resources and understand how your customers are reacting to your campaigns. Data plays the back-end support to your marketing results. A recent study shows that in Q3, 2016 most marketers continued to experience success with data-driven marketing; 51.8% Marketers said they expect a boost in returns. And that’s why your database needs regular market trend updates – with data appending ...
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Technology Marketers! Don’t Miss these 5 Education Events

The global education industry is at the crest of digital transformation. Good news for technology marketers, because it is also aiding the education technologies market to grow with it. As education becomes more expensive, enterprise expenditures will also follow the cue. Current global expenditures on education is $5 trillion (higher than the global software, media and entertainment industry) and it is only expected to grow in the coming years. The best part is, only a tiny portion of ...
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5 Priority Attributes to Say that Your Database Segmentation Game is on Point

Despite advancements in marketing technology, channel marketing and interactivity, the one consistent thing that customers expect from marketers is – Value. Genuine value – that is tangible and quantifiable! Get this on point, and your marketing and sales results will be on track. Value is something that has a different meaning to each client. While individual targeting is impossible, database segmentation makes it possible to target individual groups with higher relevance. To understand individual preferences, marketers need to ...
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5 Fun Hacks to Leverage Your Event Lead Generation: Final Episode

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: In our earlier episodes, we had a look at how not to repeat the Pokemon GO mistake, had a Game of Thrones breakdown of 2017’s content marketing trends, and saved the digital kind from a robot army invasion. READ S01E01 | Avoiding the Pokemon GO Disaster READ S01E02 | 2017 Content Marketing - the Game of Thrones Analogy READ S01E03 | Saving Digital Communication from Robo Chat As Dreamforce ...
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Digital Marketing Gurus Speak on 2016’s Golden Goose Chase – ChatBots: S01E03

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: S01 E03 In Span Global Services’ lead-up for #RoadtoDF16, we will be talking about the latest happenings in the technology fora and our respective takes on each topic. In our last episode, we spoke about the coming year’s content marketing trends. This time, we are going futuristic. It's a robot army trying to overcome our digital communication space. Watch this space for more… S01E03: What Digital Marketing Gurus have to Say about the ...
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The Fitting GoT Character Chart for 2017 Content Marketing Trends: S01E02

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: S01 E02 In Span Global Services’ lead-up for #RoadtoDF16, we will be talking about the latest happenings in the technology fora and our respective takes on each topic. In our first episode, we had a Pokemon-ish comparison of the Technology market. Read the second episode of our special: about the King of Digital Marketing and his whims and plans for 2017. Watch this space for more… S01E02: Game of Thrones Character-Chart for 2017 Content ...
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