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Big Email Deliverability is Smarter than a Tiny URL

Short and sleek was all the rage back in the nineties. Mobile companies used to make smaller handsets (smartphones were sci-fi back then) fitting into even smaller pockets. Fast forwarding to the new millennium, email marketing professionals cashed in to this trend by shortening the links they were sending to their online customers. A three-line long, obnoxiously ugly URL looked bad in their mails. Understandable. Link-shortening sites like TinyURL, bitly came into existence. Link-shorteners are good tools to ...
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O2B Digital Markeing - Opening

Going O2B: Digital Marketing has a New Buzzword for Serious Businesses

Hold the presses, ladies and gentlemen of marketing! Your paid media and third party posting budgets are way too high. Choosing the right contact channels (even after advanced target research) is not enough to rope in modern B2B prospects. Last time I checked, most of your customers were amazed by the simple and user-friendly interface of e-tailer portals. Now they want the same seamless experience to access their technology products/vendors too. Not only that you must find them, ...
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Is Your List Segmentation Putting Customers in the Right Basket?

You have a pancake to sell, and a list of bread-buyers to sell it to. Some like blueberries, some walnuts, some chocolate and some love all (“don’t like any” doesn’t apply to the pancake domain). Now, common sense suggests that if you pitch walnuts to blueberry-lovers you’ll have stale pancakes on your shelf. And that’s a crime. This is where list segmentation fits in, to make your pitch personalization effective, maximizing your pancake ROI. But why to ...
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Your Email Lists are Battling Privacy

Are privacy issues stonewalling your well-nurtured email lists?

Recent waves of reader privacy lock-downs has paralyzed legitimate marketing practices. Campaign managers are being cramped for space. Data collection, under such stringent circumstances, has become a nightmare. Email lists, one of #B2B marketers’ most reliable data procurement sources, is bearing the major brunt. Emails are still accounted for the highest lead generation counts for B2Bs, but the next two years are going to prove vital for its survival. Our blog lays the collection vs. protection battle-report for B2B marketers ...
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Span Global Services HOO in Singapore

Span Global Services HOO Shifts Base to Singapore

Mukundan AP, our Head of Operations (HOO) in Data, has recently shifted base to Singapore to oversee Champions Group’s global data operations. Champions Group, a Singapore-enlisted multinational (MNC), is an umbrella corporation rooted into real estate & infrastructure, information technology (IT), global tourism, and many more business verticals. Champions Infometrics, the IT division of the Group and brand partner to Span Global Services, is where Mukundan will be instrumental in spreading the market for our enhanced technology databases. ...
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Doug said @ IDMA Leadership Meet

Got Motivated with Doug at IDMA Leadership Meet

After training 500,000 people in 5 different continents, it was our turn. As data partners to the IDMA Leadership Meet, Span Global Services was proud to host one of the most influential keynote speakers of United States and the world – Doug Dvorak. Who is Doug Dvorak? By his website, Doug is well-known for his “signature minty-fresh breath”. As an audience though, our day was saved from another boring boardroom babble. Featured in CBS, Fox News, CNN, Oprah ...
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Why Your Mailing Database is Amassing Subscribers – NOT Readers

Your mailing database is where all your customers are – existent, and potential. Collected from multiple sources and channels, they are subscribers to your various email marketing campaigns too. They are what you know in digital marketing as, your active subscriber-base. But about 89% marketers are guilty of treating their readers as mere numbers in the lead generation machine. Result: a list of ripe prospects turning into couch potatoes over time. Amassing huge number of ...
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10 indications to not purchase email databases

How to Know When NOT to Purchase Email Databases

If your list is bad, the first thing that will be hurt is your email deliverability. Poor deliverability will result in poor open rates, poorer click-throughs, and worse conversions. And like the one rotten apple in the basket, one bad email list will contaminate your campaign statistics bunch. Save your marketing ROI. Don’t purchase email databases for the sake of purchasing. Know what you are buying, and what you are leaving out. 10 Must-Checks When You Purchase Email Databases for ...
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5 Freeways to Boost your B2B Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

Are you a B2B marketer? Sorry then. No holidays for you this Thanksgiving. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to convey gratitude and best wishes to your clients and prospects on the merry occasion. But more importantly, such occasions are also the best opportunities to leverage your databases, gain more on the brand awareness front, and gather better qualified, opt-in subscribed leads from your Thanksgiving email campaigns. 5 Easy-to-Follow Optimization Steps for Your Thanksgiving Email Campaigns ...
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How to Make a Data-driven business out of Data Appending

More data doesn't always lead to better insights. However, it is still an opportunity for you to leverage your marketing resources and understand how your customers are reacting to your campaigns. Data plays the back-end support to your marketing results. A recent study shows that in Q3, 2016 most marketers continued to experience success with data-driven marketing; 51.8% Marketers said they expect a boost in returns. And that’s why your database needs regular market trend updates – with data appending ...
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