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IBM Mainframe Users Email List and Mailing Addresses

List of Companies Using IBM Mainframe : Global - 13,239 | USA - 2,698

It's easy to make your promotions go viral with IBM Mainframe customer contact database

Marketing today is so much more than what it was a decade ago. The trends have changed mostly due to the altering buying habits of people. These days it's very important to personalize campaigns based on the habits and behaviors of the targeted masses. That's exactly why lot of money is spent in just conducting research before the marketers decide how to promote their brands.

We at Span Global Services have been a bigger fish in the sector of offering email lists and other data driven services. Decision makers of technology companies are difficult to get in touch with manually. We have taken up this task delivering you high yielding IBM Mainframe user database. Our data experts also make sure that the records get up to dated in every three month period.

We are sure that with the right information you can come up with an enticing brand promotional strategy. All you got to do is use the IBM Mainframe customers email list for campaign planning. The more efforts you chip in bringing the best out of your brand the more successful the outcome shall be!

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Know why you need our segmented IBM Mainframe Decision Makers Lists?

IBM mainframes are basically enormous business computer systems, which have been designed to support transaction servers, applications and commercial databases. Security required for these kinds of hardware systems are generally high. IBM Mainframes has characteristics like reliable single-thread applications, offers high I/O connectivity, has an elevated I/O bandwidth, easily available as well as serviceable and security is hard to be tampered. The current mainframe by IBM is the IBM System z9 server. These hardware run some of the biggest databases and transaction processing environments worldwide which include WebSphere Application Server, IMS, DB2, CICS and oracle.

Our IBM mainframes end users mailing addresses helps marketers to promote their products or services to the users of this specific systems on an international level. You shall have the chance to get details of high-level decision makers in various industries and successfully implement multi-channel marketing campaigns. IBM Mainframe uses a different operating system compared to the regular desktops we see around us. This OS has multiple virtual storage, multi-programming ability, batch processing and time-sharing characteristics. Therefore it's definitely not an easy hardware to handle for normal companies, only some niche industries use it. Together with our data experts we bring out the filtered information of this clientele for your business requirements. The IBM Mainframe using companies lists gives you everything you need to be prepared of a profitable corporate promotion.

IBM Mainframe End Users E-mail List and Mailing Database
(Breakdown Count by Region)

(Including UK)
No of Companies 3,661 851 1,179 720
No. of Contacts (CVD Titles) 201,744 2,579 5,021 1,663
No. of Contacts (All Titles) 899,772 9,216 17,565 8,889
No. of IT Contacts 73,358 2,093 3,362 1,678

What we offer you in the custom-built IBM Mainframe user mailing addresses?

Our list entails different enterprises and professionals using this hardware. None of the data in this IBM Mainframe clients email address are irrelevant. We understand your campaign needs thoroughly before offering data solutions. Even our email append services amplifies your efforts of addressing the right audiences at the right time. You can be focused at promoting your brand via direct marketing, telemarketing, event marketing and other online marketing methods. We have compiled data under headers of name, company, SIC code, email address, physical location, city, country, ZIP code and much more. We have made sure that the information adheres to the standard data regulations so that your campaign objective is met with precision.

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Some of our top selling IBM Mainframe Related Technologies Users List includes:

Related Technology Total Companies Using
IBM System z Mainframe 7,132
IBM 3090 4,272
IBM ES/9000 579
Unisys ClearPath 311
IBM 3084 132

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