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Infor Mapics ERP XA Users Email List and Mailing Database

List of Companies using Infor XA ERP : 2,783

How your campaigns are different when you use our Infor Mapics end user lists

Infor, as a brand, needs little introduction. As a leader in industry specific business applications, Infor with its products and services has customers across global b2b markets. Its acquisition of IBM's MAPICS therefore should be read as a strategic business move to widen its presence in the ERP market and leverage from the opportunities present in Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control Systems (MAPICS). It's therefore good for your business, as a technology marketer, to use Infor Mapics user mailing addresses to make easy and timely communication with Mapics users and customers across global markets. At Span Global Services we can help you with that, by offering targeted business email lists to help you in making correspondence with key organizational decision makers for the sales and purchase of your products and services. When you buy Infor ERP XA Decision Makers list therefore, there is little doubt that you have been thoughtful about your investments and are willing to take the right steps for securing the future of your company.

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If you want to be 'big' with your campaigns, start with using our Infor ERP XA customers mailing database

Let's continue in understanding how purchasing mailing lists for backing marketing messages with data is a smart marketing technique. The technology sector is competitive and prone to innovation all the time. A dynamic market requires frequent and timely communication, so as to maintain brand visibility and audience engagement. Investing in a relevant Infor XA ERP vendors mailing list and going for e-mail append for old customer lists is a two-way approach you can make for ensuring that your messages are not lost among the hundreds of others that one receives!

At Span Global Services it has been our priority to ensure that we help marketers to bring about change in the manner of communication. Research shows that it requires five to seven interactions before a deal is struck with a prospect. Our Infor Mapics clients emailing database is built in a way such that based on campaign requirements, budget and audience type, marketers can engage with their audiences through emails, direct mails, social media, telemarketing and other relevant channels of communications. So don't linger on old and conventional ways of communication. We promise there is more you can do when you choose to be different by adopting contemporary channels of communications.

With 35 years of industry experience and functional development, Infor XA is the most comprehensive ERP for the manufacturing sector. It brings unmatched power, security and flexibility, with the ability to lower IT costs by 40%! With customers present in over 50 countries, Infor XA provides solutions for advanced CRM, field service, sales and operations planning, customer and supplier exchange portals, equipment maintenance and energy management to name a few! With its capabilities recognized globally, it is not surprising that Infor XA is a leader in its field. So stop competing at the ground level. It's time you think and act big! It's time you purchase Infor Mapics users e-mail addresses!

Infor XA ERP Users Email List and Mailing Database
(Breakdown Count by Region)

(Including UK)
No of Companies 347 75 105 64
No. of Contacts (CVD Titles) 4,459 98 252 76
No. of Contacts (All Titles) 17,772 328 998 319
No. of IT Contacts 1,926 83 169 18

Your strategies were never a problem. Data was. Cleanse it with our Email List of Infor Mapics clients

Infor XA is used in industrial manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and defense, equipment, high tech to name a few. From the perspective of a marketer therefore it is a smart business move to be able to focus on your core competencies and rely on an Infor Mapics customers list for data! Data inaccuracy is often a cause of campaign failure, in the form of non-deliverables through email bounces, spam, dropped calls, returned mails etc. So, the next time your campaign deliverables are not as per expectations, consider looking at your data health instead of reworking entirely on your marketing strategies!

At Span Global Services we recommend purchasing our mailing list of Infor XA users and customers and supporting your marketing initiatives with the right tools and resources. Considering that our database will give impetus to your campaigns for being rolled out through online and offline channels, this is a safe investment, considering there is very little to lose! With over 50% marketers globally agreeing to invest more in data in the forthcoming years, here is your chance of being ahead and winning the race. Do things differently and make your move for our Infor Mapics end user mailing address!

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