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5 Content Drills for Email Marketing

It's the kind of time when you think your grandsons might rule the world with electric light sabres and robotic arms. But then somewhere, science fiction fantasies maybe updated but their older digital versions will still thrive in simplicity and originality. Old still remains gold. In an instance, our technologically over-abundant digital space proved that.

Email Marketing, thought to have breathed its last after decades of unparalleled service, is coming back strong. On that respect, social media and Instant Messaging (IM) services were ever too juvenile to replace the reliable, swift and efficient communication platform of emails anyways. 55% of marketers still believe in the strong presence of emails as an effective mode of business communications globally. And the trend isn't looking to recede in the foreseeable future.

An overall digital communication method study conducted in 2014 revealed that emails had no sign of reducing its dominant market share. Email Marketing without doubt has only grown in the past year. In 2014, about 108.7 billion corporate communications were made per day through emails. This figure is predicted to rise to 139.4 billion by 2018, which translates to about 140 emails per day for each business user.

But apart from raw stats, the key in leading a successful Email Marketing campaign lies with quick response,regular follow-ups and delivery of quality marginalised contents. Hone your email content skills from a few useful tips given below:

1. Choosing Relevant Content:

  • Question: "What should be my email topic?"
  • Wrong Answer: "Oh, this product seems nice! Let's write about this."
  • Right Answer: "Let's see what the readers are more interested in."

To make headway on any Email Marketing campaign, first you need to assess the readers' behaviour. Don't coax your choices upon them but rather find out what they are actually interested to read. Go, ask around. Your own company website or competitors' website are good places to start your research. However big or small your company maybe, there are easy tools (e.g. social networking programs) to assess web traffic and gather a direct analysis of what the readers want in your emails. Seasonal topics like holiday-targeted contents or trending fashions can be a good start. There's no constant while selecting reader's favourites, which makes topic testing a continuous process. Mind it!

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2. Checking the content length

Generally, any standard business email should not cross 750 words but there are no hard fast rules about it. Alonger email has the chance of

  • a. landing up in the spam/junk folder
  • b. boring the reader
  • c. be crippled under formatting issues.

On the other hand, there should be enough information in your email to get your message through. The correct email length is the one which balances these two.

3.Arrange Your Text:

Steve receives tens of promotional emails every day. So, when he opens his email account, his eyes will latch onto some communication which is more relevant to him and worth his time. To engage Steve, a long monotonous essay won't do. You need an email content that has an overall interactive feel to it.Add images (though not too many), create small content blocks, use headings, sub-heads, color and brighten it up.

4. Steer Clear from Formatting Issues:

Firstly, avoid using words like "Free", "Bonus", "Discount", "Click Here" etc. Known as 'spam-trigger words' (or even better, 'email disaster words'), excess usages of 200 such words can land up your email in the Junk folder. Second, never directly copy your email from MS Word. Portions of your mails may turn up as garble this way. Copy via Notepad. This a lso checks the usage of omplicated symbols in your text. Use underlined fonts for links and legible fonts for universal acceptance.

The last point in creating email contents is not a tip, it's a necessity. Though SMS lingo might be flavor of the season, Grammatical Correctness is a must for emails. It's tested that emails with grammatical errors turn off customers.

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