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Email Marketing Resolutions

6 Email Marketing Resolutions to Consider

New Year is fast approaching and everybody is busy building their list of "New Year Resolutions". And when it comes to marketers, this is the time to plan ahead for the coming year. As this year comes to an end, we learn from our previous mistakes, grow on the insights learned and chalk out comprehensive short-term and long-term marketing goals. With email marketing still being the most preferred marketing channel, here are some resolutions that should make an entry into every marketer's list.

1. Adhere to simple emails

The quickest way to win an email marketing war is to keep simple and effective CTAs. Nail down to details and give less room to your customers to think and more reasons to click. Review your campaigns and adhere to direct and simple calls-to-action.

2. Customize for each customer

Send emails to customers based on their previous interactions with you, their industry focus and their past behavior. Tracking user actions is the most powerful data you can acquire. Send triggered emails based on the user actions on your website or your emails. A study with over 8,000 campaigns revealed that trigger-based campaigns have nearly double the click-through rate with an average click rate of 10%.

3. Greater focus on subject lines

The ever evolving screen sizes demand greater focus on the subject line. Be it Gmail or any email client, the way subject line and the email preview appears impacts the email open rate. Make a resolution to go with the flow and cater to the new demands of "subject line" expertise.

4. Create responsive emails

Statistics on mobile email marketing highlights that 48% of all email is now opened on a mobile device. This insight gives enough emphasis on why your emails should be mobile (and tablet) compatible too. Litmus shared a case study from Tsubo that saw a 10% increase in conversions when they implemented a responsive email template that looked great across multiple email clients. So, if this one missed out of your list, you are not aiming at maximizing returns from your email marketing yet.

5. Listen to your audience to build your database

Spare time to listen to your customers. Launch surveys, contents and opinion polls to both collate user opinion and collect emails ids. A simple survey about the kind of content customers prefer on your site could be a great way to surge the subscriptions.

6. Develop clean data habits

To plan and implement all the above resolutions, it is primarily necessary to build a clean email database. With data decaying up to 25% every year, a data verification service can help you maintain a clean database to maximize your email marketing results.

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