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Database Strategy

Antidotes to spark your database strategy for 2017

Make marketing Database 10 times more Effective.

When marketing Database is clean, accurate, and well segmented, you've already won half the battle.

The Impact of using stale Database gets noticed on the overall revenue your marketing and sales team generates.

Ultimately sales teams are answerable. But yet they manage to stay in the kitchen while the heat stays on. Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing should work in sync to reduce this heat.

Nothing Has Changed...

Marketing Principles remain same in this digital era. A successful marketing and sales strategy will always have crystal clear answer to three questions

Who are you selling? - Your Audience
What are you selling? - Your product, solution or service
Why are you selling? - Providing solutions to the problems your audience is facing

While automation platforms have made life easier, results are delved only when you have a clear Database Strategy inbuilt within your marketing system.

Clean, accurate and real-time customer Database is pivotal but Marketers struggle since most don't have access to right customer profiles and attributes.

Moreover, prospect database is nothing but lemon if it's not checked periodically. Prospect's Job, Designation, email address and other crucial information may change over time.

So how you can increase the value of your existing database for effective multichannel marketing campaigns?

No doubt Segmentation is powerful and a common technique that helps marketers like you foster bottom line of the marketing funnel, but the absence of quality Data Profiling will hamper your Campaign.

Before ideating a campaign, first, check audience or prospect database already available. If Database is accurate, you've already achieved 60% of your campaign goals.

If not, consider following below 5 Steps to turn your Master data into a chest of gold. These five antidotes have proven record to heave ROI curve upward.

Clean: Keep Data clean, relevant and free of errors. Increase the relevance and impact of your Targeted Marketing Campaign.

Verify: data verification process ensures high data quality, accuracy and adherence to authentic prospects. Keep your database fresh and turn it into a revenue generator

Validate: Eliminate fake social profiles and Power Up your Database by adding social profiles in your database with the best ever social validation services in the industry.

Profile: Eliminate fake social profiles and Power Up your Database by adding social profiles in your database with the best ever social validation services in the industry.

Append: Get Emails, Phone numbers and contacts appended with our existing master database to fill up missing data and eliminate anomalies.

Don't forget the Final Touch

Today Marketing is not just about your product, solution or Services. It's purely customer experience- Doesn't matter if your organization is business focused or consumer focused.

Without a clear understanding of Prospect and Customer Persona, your campaign is just an arrow without an aim.

Once Cleaned, Verified, Profiled and Appended your database is set to be used for your campaign.

To add extra fire power to your Database you may consider adding Social Media Data (Likes, followers, shares, impressions and so on) to your existing database. After all, behind every touchpoint, there might lay an opportunity or a Prospect.

Hence append your social media Data post a quick enhancement.

Post following the entire process your Marketing Database will be 10 times more effective than it was previously. Analyze before and after campaigns, you'll experience nothing but a surprising rise of your ROI growth curve.


A true database strategy is about having a comprehensive vision and an actionable foundation for any organization to harness their data for customized messaging (advertising, content, etc.) at every single stage of the customer journey.

Span Global Services has been working with Fortunes for a decade now. We have conquered the territory of high-end data services including Data Appending, Profiling, Verification, and Cleansing, in addition to Email lists & List Management. 30% of our fortune clients clean and Append Database quarterly to keep their ROI curve rise upward.

Write to us regarding any Database related issue you are facing. We will get back to you within 24hrs to boost your Database Strategy for the New Year ahead.

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