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How to Create Buyers without "BUY NOW"

Curiosity is a cruel thing. And fueling it is an art. In the current digital market, both attention and choice is playing for the consumer. And B2B data marketing teams are running a close game to bend the stakes in their favor. Forced selling is out of the book.

  • Pull that big CTA off your home screen.
  • Stop stuffing your buy-page down customers' throats.

Time to let go off the precious "BUY NOW" urgency, and press the indirect influence throttle hard. As B2B relations thrive on long-term bonds, this is the only way to ensure long term loyalty from prospects, and make them stay on your email lists. Playing a little hard-to-get might actually win you the game.

All your personalization, nurturing and engagement efforts are anyways going to lead up to the buy option. Devote time to creating a foolproof actionable marketing flowchart, and follow your data marketing calendar religiously. The buying cycle will take care of itself. As a viable data marketer, your job starts with a more authentic tone of helpfulness, and make your customers comfortable with their choice to choose you.

Buyers Know You. What Next?

Getting brand recognition is hard in today's data market. Data-driven marketing is more about the numbers than the brand responsible for it. So, any Hilly Billy with the right statistics (and a good network) can establish himself as a credible data source. But the risk of newbie competitors has always been a risk in the open digital market. It's what happens thereafter that expert marketers need to take care of.

Even when beginners up the exclusiveness quotient of their data offer, it all boils down to the buying experience at the end. Genuineness of the experience depends on the end-gain of the user and, like personalization, faking it can create massive fallout tsunamis. This is where the path of the Hilly Billy ends. The fine balance between exclusiveness and availability is a game for expert hands.

The 'Exclusive' Lure that Make Prospects Stay | Adidas's Approach

A great data offer can at any point be exclusive, but that doesn't mean the offering has to be a secret. To sway brand opinions, such hard-to-get database offerings need public announcements. It's just like spreading the news of a Pink Floyd concert in your neighborhood, and announcing the launch of 'VIP passes' for it. Not everyone can get it, but the stampede of enquiries and scampering for the tickets continue.

Sports apparel manufacturer Adidas applied this tactic a few years back:

Soccer Boots

Adidas launched its campaign for their 'Glitch' soccer boots, exclusively for their UK market. Further, the product was available through an invite-only app, and was accessible to just 250 top-priority users. The leash from Adidas was that each user was given few invite codes to gradually grow the global community for the new flagship. The tactic worked successfully with registrations crossing 6500 within two months of the exclusive launch.

Though a through-and-through B2C exercise this, the same hard-to-get tactic works better for the B2B top brasses. The 'special' treatment is more or less expected there as more time and expenditure goes into each purchase.

Collateral Marketing Advantages to Playing the Lure Game

  • Revenue going into marketing new offers is lowered significantly.

    The hard-to-get tactic is driven by speculation. Though the initial reach remains the same, the premium circle of promotions remains small. Data marketing revenue spend is reduced, thereby increasing marketing ROI.

  • The controlled environment lets marketers test project variations.

    The prime focus being concentrated to a limited few, marketing experts can test-run variations to the projects with least impact on the overall outcome. Tailored value-adds, extensive individual personalization can be carried out.

  • It's a great way to identify your HNI prospects.

    Creating an exclusive club for your top customers will enable you to finally list out your major buyers, and the ones worthy to become so. The recognition is also an inspiration for higher investments.

5 Ace Moves to Win the New Data Marketing Trend

MOVE I | Collect inside information about your customers

Your marketing databases must be equipped with more than just contact information. Data intelligence that provides insights on your subject's professional and personal whereabouts is necessary to strike a meaningful conversation. Your knowledge is the stepping stone of the initial trust building.

MOVE II | Use personalization to engage on an individual level

Once you are on the same channel with your prospect, it's time to strike a friendly tone. This step is essential in bringing your customer in confidence to your exclusive offer. Success of your pilot project, and conclusively your reach will be determined by the interactions you have in this stage. Get the buzz going!

MOVE III | Passive and Mysterious: Potent Curiosity Drivers

The "cool crowd" of the party never come to you. They are the mystery package that everyone wants to explore, but only a select few (the chosen ones) get to do so. The hype precedes the offer, and makes for an arresting aura that makes your prospect hold on the leash.

MOVE IV | Pull the Old Strings, Keep the Young at Bay

Indifference can be a striking weapon against millennials. While you can harp the old relationships tune to early customers, the same can't be done for the young B2B crowd. They thrive in hunting down their own deals, and a lucrative offer that's passive on promoting will attract their eyes, trust me. Millennials appreciate private offerings in order to attain a curated, high-value experience.

MOVE V | Don't disappoint in the end game

Now that the customers are in your fold, as a brand it is your responsibility to live up to your promise. No more cold-shouldering. Your customers had a hard time to break into your prime vault. Naturally, they would want to stay for a while. Disappointing them will result in get you back to the drawing board. So, play it well.

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