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Email Appending

Beat Your Competition With Email Appending Edge

Ever thought how many email addresses you have added over the years to your company contacts? Are they all still active? Do you know how many relevant contacts have surfaced all this while without your notice? The answers to all these questions are unknown, i.e. if you still haven't adapted to any of the Email Appending services to boost your lead relevance.

What is Email Appending?

It's a simple process of updating your ageing database and repairing all its loopholes created over time. How do we do it? Just match your old leads with our master database consisting of over 30 million frequently updated contacts and see the result yourself. All the gaps plugged, all old customer records updated, and you get a host of new leads to your name.

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Why is it so important?

With email account numbers increasing at exorbitant rates, it is getting harder to keep track of the old customers' new email addresses. A study suggests that each email account holder has increased his/her accounts by 20% on an average. And in all this clutter of digital market, you are also missing out on new prospects.

The costs of self-updating are also increasing day by day, making companies lose out on valuable resources and revenues. Its Email Appending services such as ours that save you the hassle of collecting and collating long list of email contacts and updating them.

Blow the wind out of your competition's sails by availing yourself with the following advantages of Email Appending:

  • Customer Service - Customer retention is the fundamental of email marketing campaigns. And that can only be done through regular follow -ups and contacts. Customer service and customer retentions hence require updated leads, and consequently, email appending.
  • Cost Redemption - Spend less, gain more. While you save out on the company's revenues in setting up specialised lead maintenance sections, you also get to compare missing leads with the master database of email appending service providers. The other advantage to this is to dramatically reduce your direct mailing costs.
  • Enhanced Marketing Aggresion - With professionals taking care of your leads and other email marketing needs, your marketing campaigns flare up like never before.
  • Collaterals - In the way of increasing your revenues, collateral gains like donations, renewals and other win backs come pouring in. More reach, more business - the motto behind all digital marketing businesses.

We have seen that each Email Appending session results in clients generating over $35,000 - $40,000 business and an average of over 850 leads. And that is all excluding the direct email and other costs that our client companies have saved.

Let not boardroom accumulation of potential leads be left on the table. Avail a tested and measured digital process to access your target audience with certainty. Oh, and every moment you think, remember that your competition is pondering over the same.

Apply today! It's a simple one step process. Contact us at 877-837-4884 or write to Span Global Services at to add the competitive edge of Email Appending to your business.


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