Are Your Email Contacts Opt-in?

  Opt-in email lists are formed by people who leave their details while visiting your website. This is done generally in exchange of goodies that forms a part of your promotional offer. An opt-in email list enhances your marketing campaign in many ways. Right Customers: With an opt-in email list, you get access to the […]

6 email marketing misconceptions you better stay away from

Email marketing has many benefits but also has harsh effects, especially when you assume that nothing can go wrong in your campaign effort. The very first misconception is any campaign can bring 100% response and everything is fair to achieve it. Here are the six biggest misconceptions marketers have and pay heavy price later.   […]

4 Proven Inbound Marketing Strategies for B2B Business

The internet has changed the entire buying process for buyers and how sellers reach out to prospects. In the first place, buyers are not just relying on one source to take the purchase decision. The internet has thrown open more options for buyers to peek into reviews, forums, and even compare prices between different sellers. […]

5 Green Ways to Adopt Green & Lean Marketing

wNew Age Green Marketing ChannelsWe’re celebrating yet another World Environment Day with the solemn pledge to protect, save, and do “acts of green”. This year’s message is “EAT. THINK. SAVE (Reduce Your Footprint)”. Going with the content of this year’s message, we as marketers can do our bit to implement these ideas in our daily […]