Are Your Email Contacts Opt-in?

  Opt-in email lists are formed by people who leave their details while visiting your website. This is done generally in exchange of goodies that forms a part of your promotional offer. An opt-in email list enhances your marketing campaign in many ways. Right Customers: With an opt-in email list, you get access to the […]

Top 4 Inbound Marketing Strategies For B2B Business

If there is one component every B2B marketing should have in their marketing mix, it is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing leads interested prospects to you instead of your brand approaching them first through ads or promotional posts. Since you provide value first and convert them later, inbound marketing has a much higher conversion rate than outbound […]

5 Ways to Integrate Green and Lean Marketing

We’re celebrating yet another World Environment Day with the solemn pledge to protect, save, and do “acts of green”. This year’s message is “EAT. THINK. SAVE (Reduce Your Footprint)”. Commitment to a greener environment has never been more obvious. The growing concern for global warming has led to people making more intelligent and sustainable purchase […]