Marketing – From Inception to Delivery

We are more than just a digial marketing service provider. At Span Global Services, we provide end-to-end marketing, which includes all elements like planning, strategy, execution and monitoring. Top three areas of focus areas: Consulting Services: Develop and implement new strategies for B2B marketing Data Intelligence: Provide business intelligent data for prospecting and market research […]

The Impact of a Database Marketing Agency on Your Business

5 Business Scenarios  Scenario 1 Your marketing databases – They were not built in a day, your staff or you have spent a lot of time and effort putting them together. They are one of your most important assets. They help you locate your prospects, take your products and services to your target market, generate […]

Part 1 – 12 Proven Tips for effective email marketing

This is our five part series, starting with this post, explaining the nuances of small business email marketing. In this first post, we’ll start with the importance of organizing email marketing campaign and points to keep in mind while sending email campaign. Here’s the twelve tips to follow while using email marketing in your business. […]

How Best To Optimize Registration Forms

The MarketingSherpa 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, clearly shows the popular fields included in the online registration pages. While name and email address takes the first two spots, telephone number only comes in the the fifth spot. So, what information will you ask for new subscribers? Will you create a long registration page or an […]

The best days to send email promotions

Which is the best day to send email promotions?  This is the question most marketers ask us, especially the ones who hire our email campaign services. We base our recommendation on judicious analysis of what each day has to offer for the client industry. After analyzing the behavior of each target market, we have determined […]

What to Learn From Your Email Bounces

Email bounces occur when the emails sent are not delivered to the recipient. It can be caused by a number of reasons. There are 2 main types of email bounces: hard bounces and soft bounces. A hard bounce occurs when the email is returned because the recipient’s address is invalid. It can occur if the […]