Proper Technology Marketing is Impossible without It

PR officials have a set game-plan to promote single refrigerator units for retail. Selling the same refrigerator in bulk to B2Bs makes their lives miserable. Creating the “buzz” for technology marketing brands needs more involvement from marketers. Why is it so difficult? –          Technology needs for businesses are specific – to the very last detail –          […]

Promote Your Annual Technology Event through Email Marketing: The Super-Bowl Analogy

How does a football championship become a house-hold name, a nation-wide sensation? Well, it is football! But even with all the adrenalin rush, managing the best display of US patriotism and heritage that represents departments like armed forces, police departments, and fire fighters cannot be left just on blind passion for the game. Underlying event marketing […]

Benefits of Data Driven Marketing in Banking Sector

The digital landscape is changing the way consumers bank today. The traditional transaction methods are getting replaced by online and mobile banking, as the standard modes. And with continuous technological advancements—such as wearable technology and near-field payments (NFC)—the conversations between the banks and the consumers are expected to evolve further. The adoption of these new […]

WhatsApp Hits 1B Active Users

Creating an active user base of billions from a technology list is like coaxing peaches out of an apple tree. But hear it through. This impossible may actually be a boon to your technology marketing clients. Every day… 42 billion messages 1.6 billion images 250 million videos …are shared in 53 languages across 1 billion […]

What businesses can learn from Satya Nadella

Tenzin Geychok(Mike) February 1, 2016

This month, Satya Nadella will be celebrating his 2-year anniversary as Microsoft CEO. And it has been an eventful run so far. Launch of an upgraded Windows 10 has revived the company from backlashes of its hated predecessor, bunch of new entrants in the Android and iPhone app market, progress in cloud computing technology, revamp […]

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