5 Priority Attributes to Say that Your Database Segmentation Game is on Point

Despite advancements in marketing technology, channel marketing and interactivity, the one consistent thing that customers expect from marketers is – Value. Genuine value – that is tangible and quantifiable! Get this on point, and your marketing and sales results will be on track. Value is something that has a different meaning to each client. While […]

A Complete Guide to Event Lead Generation

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: In our earlier episodes, we had a look at how not to repeat the Pokemon GO mistake, had a Game of Thrones breakdown of 2017’s content marketing trends, and saved the digital kind from a robot army invasion.  READ S01E01 | Avoiding the Pokemon GO Disaster READ S01E02 | 2017 Content […]

Digital Marketing Gurus Speak on 2016’s Golden Goose Chase – ChatBots: S01E03

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: S01 E03 In Span Global Services’ lead-up for #RoadtoDF16, we will be talking about the latest happenings in the technology fora and our respective takes on each topic. In our last episode, we spoke about the coming year’s content marketing trends. This time, we are going futuristic. It’s a robot army […]

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