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If you thought that your existing database holds great potential for higher conversions, think again. B2B business leads decay more often than you think. Possessing a poor database is as good as not having it at all. If you are planning on your next marketing campaign, then take a look (detailed look) at your existing database.

As we provide a facelift to your existing database, here’s enlightening you with 3 essential pillars of perfect B2B Business Leads:

  1. Error-free database: It may ‘sound’ quite redundant, but it’s essential to have a database free from duplicate data and wrong names for wrong email addresses, but many companies still have outdated data listed in their existing database. No matter what is wrong – the email id, name, or social media handle, any mistake will cost your campaign dearly. The main focus of your list is to target the niche audience, and if it fails in this basic requirement, then its better you don’t have a marketing campaign at all in the first place.If you are planning to purchase business list from a vendor, then make sure you have chosen a reputed and trusted partner. Ask for sample data in advance, check with them on their process of list building, assurance, and replacement policy. You can check with our policy and promises here.
  2. Targeted audience: Just using a general database for all your marketing campaigns is not the right approach. The reason for every campaign is different; it could be for a workshop, webinars, for services, etc. The chances for irrelevant prospects hitting the ‘unsubscribe me’ button are higher when the mailer is not relevant. The same people could be your targeted audience for your next campaign, but by then you would have lost the opportunity. It’s the relevancy which matters more than the size of your database.There are enough list vendors who will provide you with big database at cheaper price, but how useful are they is questionable. On the other hand, there are list vendors who can provide you with customized database, such as CEO Email & Mailing List, HIPAA Compliance Managers Email List, MS SQL Server Database Users List, Czech Republic B2B Executives List, or Legal Services Industry Executives List. Span Global Services has its database divided into 5 main Business Email Lists: Technology Users List, Healthcare lists, Geo-targeted lists, Professionals list, and Industry-wise list. You may choose what suits your present requirement.
  3. Data and marketing intelligence: If you want your database to work for you, then you have to include marketing intelligence into it. Certain leads which are not directly generated by you, but purchased from a vendor might have included some kind of marketing intelligence into it. Ask for it, so that you know the right time to contact your lead. You can also choose a customized sales trigger that your sales team needs; i.e., when using a competitive product, hiring resources for a specific role, use of certain technologies, etc. Not all the list providers are equipped to provide sales triggers information, please ask them if they can include the custom research for your list.

Span Global Services has incorporated all the discussed essentials in its lead generation cycle. While we do all the hard work of updating database, you can focus on cultivating lasting client relationships. To know more, send your message here.


Author - Tenzin Geychok
Tenzin Geychok Author at Span Global Services Tenzin is an exceptional business development manager with strong planning and implementation capabilities. He’s highly skilled at strategy execution with an in-depth understanding of the customers’ requirements. He constantly develops newer ways to improve customer experience that boost & build brand loyalty. Tenzin is a people’s person ensuring positive interactions and relationships with clients and team members giving more emphasis to value over business.

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