The internet has changed the entire buying process for buyers and how sellers reach out to prospects. In the first place, buyers are not just relying on one source to take the purchase decision. The internet has thrown open more options for buyers to peek into reviews, forums, and even compare prices between different sellers. This freedom among buyers has made it difficult for sellers to rely on the “interruption” model of marketing.

In this scenario, the inbound marketing channel is becoming more attractive for business executives. No wonder marketers are increasing their inbound spending by nearly 50%. So, what are the most popular inbound marketing channels used by these savvy marketers?

In this blog, we take a quick look at the best performing inbound marketing channels, and how you can position your business at a low cost while using them.

Website as a Marketing channel
Companies are using websites to showcase their products and services. Apart from listing what they have in stock, marketers are optimizing content to attract more traffic. And to optimize, you need to focus on adding relevant content in the form of articles, check lists, case studies, and white papers.

Social Media to Boost Engagement
Today, almost 85% of the business-to-business industry is engaging prospects and customers through regular updates and posts on social channels. More than just having your presence on social media sites, you should use them to engage with the audience and get closer to prospects.

Create Webinars to Amplify Your Impact
Producing quality webinars can help you to engage with prospective buyers looking for information. Live and interactive webinar sessions give you an opportunity to share your thought-leadership content, or resolve a business problem faced by customers. In short, webinars are magnets that will attract a good number of leads for your business.

Get Eyeballs through Blog

When it comes to gaining visitors or promoting your business online, blogging gives you wider coverage on the internet. The best part of blogging is that it is cost effective and easy to start. All you need is the discipline to blog regularly and write creatively to get the attention. And more importantly, blog on a topic that people want to read or a topic that is relevant in your business.

All the IN-bound marketing channels explained above raise your bottom line by attracting prospects without spending big money on outbound marketing. Best of all, these channels are very easy to use, cost-effective, and result in attracting the right leads.

If you need any help, support or consultation on inbound marketing services, we have inbound marketing experts who have helped over 450 businesses.

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