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In our earlier episodes, we had a look at how not to repeat the Pokemon GO mistake, had a Game of Thrones breakdown of 2017’s content marketing trends, and saved the digital kind from a robot army invasion. 

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As Dreamforce 2016 has come to a close, we can discuss the successful practices which made the most-awaited software conference of the year into the “most epic” Dreamforce of all time. Find the top 5 event hacks that rocked Dreamforce 2016, in our final episode on the #RoadtoDF16.

5 fun hacks to leverage your event lead generation: #Dreamforce2016 Takeaway

Placement of your call-to action is everything to get high leads from any campaign. The difference in a tech event is that instead of a static computer screen, your audience will have to spot your call-to action in an immersive 3D environment where your competition is as close as the next stall. But the direct reach is worth the risk, or the call.

1.    Move aside landing pages. Having a website is way cooler!

Event organizers do this often (rather always these days). It’s about time that event presenters also take the cue. Look at the Dreamforce website, for instance.

Walk the talk:

You can either create a completely different website announcing your event presence, or create a subdomain website (microsite) to do the same. The choice will depend on your expected ROI from the event. For an anticipated presence and favorable audience, a small and funky website can work wonders.

  • Keep very few pages on the site
  • Add a responsive menu-bar on the side
  • The design should be coherent with your home site
  • Keep one page specifically with value-adds (like a pdf map of the venue layout, information about the close-by amenities, a helpline number etc.) for event attendees
  • One page should be of event related news and all campaigns you have launched for the event. Add a form to the page for lead generation.

2.    If you’re rocking social, half the job is done!

These days, event attendees select their favorites before the event starts. Be sure to feature in that list. Your social media marketing team has to burn the midnight oil six months prior to the event. Below, an old example:

Walk the Talk:

  • Launch event-related contests, jokes – do whatever, but just don’t appear cheap while doing it.
  • Have a calendar in hand while launching your campaigns. Keep care of the frequency and value-addition through your campaigns.

3.    Don’t give presentations. Let your booth talk!

While the entire venue is teeming with the industry’s best sales/marketing professionals waiting to get their points across, change the game. Create a both that talks for you!

portrait backdrop/portrait backdrops Photos/ Portrait Photography Backdrops

Walk the Talk:

  • Spend more time with your creative team and create an irresistible booth design.

4.    Find out the crowd’s freeloading point!

A marketing team once saw that the venue was filled with conference goers with no caffeine to douse that stringent schedule into. The team partnered with a local vendor and opened a coffee counter alongside with their booth. All one had to do was, scan their event identity badges to get the coffee! With that small stunt, the company was able to procure all the professional contacts of presenters and attendees by the end of the event.

Walk the Talk:

  • Keep your eyes open. You may need to make some on-the-spot event marketing decisions to pull this kind of an idea.

5.    Cherry on top: goody that looks good, feels good and is good – for them!

Event attendees remember the free-stuff providers only till the end of the event, while relevant gifts leave an impression for a long time. Be smart! This time, give your event brochures in a simple bag to double-up as a holder for all the documents they collect during the event. And of course, don’t forget to customize your helpful idea with a call-to action!

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