wNew Age Green Marketing ChannelsWe’re celebrating yet another World Environment Day with the solemn pledge to protect, save, and do “acts of green”. This year’s message is “EAT. THINK. SAVE (Reduce Your Footprint)”.

Going with the content of this year’s message, we as marketers can do our bit to implement these ideas in our daily marketing. In other words, we can start by doing more by spending less.

So, how do we cut down on our marketing spend, without hurting your marketing. Here are five practical ways to cut down on wasteful marketing expenditure by adopting clean, green policies.

Data Hygiene Help Reduces Waste
Customer data churn is the prime cause for unreturned mails, wrong phone calls and hard email bounces. The most efficient way to improve marketing outcomes is by cleaning your marketing data and validating every record of your customers.

Grown Your Business Organically

The old way of marketing, i.e. “push” marketing, is passé. With the rise of content-driven marketing and in-bound marketing, it’s important for your business to be seen and heard on the Internet. And the best way to increase value is through organic search engine optimization.  This means, you should provide content that is relevant and brings value to your customers.

Social is the New Way

Growth of social networks has made it important for every business to be visible on social channels.  Instead of just joining any social networking channel, you should have a premeditated goal or objective from social networks activity or interaction.

Harness Cost-Effective Email Channel
Email marketing is still the most profitable channel. Even today it guarantees a high ROI of $40 for every dollar spent on marketing. To improve its potential, here are three suggestions for email marketers:

1)      Collect the email addresses of customers and prospects from every touch point

2)      Segment customer data and send personalized promotions

3)      Implement lead nurturing to improve conversion

Reduce Dependence on Postal Campaigns

Every year is seeing a rise in U.S. postal rates. This has invariably resulted in higher cost of running postal campaigns. While we can’t completely eliminate postal mailers, we can reduce our dependence. Gain trust for your expertise, get your customers’ consent to send email communiqué and then start sending e-mail newsletter or campaigns.

Final Thought…

As marketers or business owners, it’s imperative to cut corners and improve marketing productivity. Let this day mark a new beginning for your marketing and usher in green ways to diminish the carbon footprint in your marketing department.

Love from the Green Marketing Task Force


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