The most relevant aspect of data-driven marketing is building a credible buyer persona so as to attract prospective audience, converting them into leads and eventually your final buyer. Spending dollars without a plan in place would just jeopardize your stance and results however high in number would not hold weightage. Whether you are a start-up or an established business- building a buyer persona is an effective marketing solution to balance between customer engagement and customer retention. Time is of essence here and should be maintained within specific upstream strategies. Investment and resources have to be genuine to garner impact on the audience.

Now, in order to do so, follow these tips:

Market research: Gather your tools and dwell into insightful content from surveys, interviews, questionnaires, SEO driven metrics and other quantitative measures. Leverage your tracking methods by adopting CRM tools and analytics. One efficient way to manage prospective marketing is to build your own email lists. To speed up the email list building process, buy email lists and convert them into your subscribers. Email subscribes are more likely to be ultimate buyers as they are in constant interaction and dedicated followers of regular updates and important announcements. A word of caution here is necessary, there are many fraudulent marketing set-ups offering cheap email list buying options a thorough check would save the money and effort. Follow a set plan to gain trust and address the needs of the buyer.

Integrate marketing and data-centric solutions: Once the right buyer persona is achieved, the next big step is to nurture and lead your audience. This can be done by applying persuasive tactics in the form of lead nurturing to create a mature offering. Increase your reach through various channels and seamlessly engage the buyer. Introduce and motivate the buyer with simplified content and deliver your target objective. Though the initial set up of lead nurturing can take some time and effort, the outcome is a through package.

Categorize and simplify: Break down personas and match them within your existing database. The most important aspect to be noted here is to get it right, which will then bring-in worthy results. Based on the kind of assessment be it quantitative, qualitative, demographic or behavioral, deconstruct patterns and apply the right persona. Introduce a human approach in your strategy and make data based decisions as real as possible to create a connection between people. Visualize the needs and demands of the customer in order to get a better insight and relate them to your buyer profiles. Map your results and update your plans accordingly but also fashion continuous focus. Do not influence buyer personas on personal opinions or vague insights.

Review your buyer persona through stages of awareness, consideration and decision-making and sync your target audience’s journey accordingly. This will provide a tremendous platform to maintain your decision making abilities and upscale your marketing strategy. Gently nurture your audience and provide them with opportunities to understand, relate and accept your offering. Transcend knowledge while keeping them engaged with useful content which would help their buying decision and thus finally converting into sales.

Author - Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson Author at Span Global Services Assistant General Manager has a 12 year track record in marketing analysis, business strategy and online brand development. His expertise has enabled various organizations protect their online brand footprints. An avid traveler, he is determined to learn new languages and uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies communicate.

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