FIFA world cup: What digital marketing gurus learnt

Tenzin Geychok June 20, 2014

It’s FIFA season and the major topic of discussion these days is about the football matches played the previous day. While we were watching this match between Columbia and Ivory Coast, on Thursday, we thought as a marketer we had something to take back. If you noticed, it’s after the halftime, there was something vigorous […]

Social Media Intelligence Lifecycle

Tenzin Geychok June 4, 2014

Social media paves a way for brands to interact with customers, keep pace with the current trends, and gather competitive insights. With the advent of tools like Big Data, we have data flowing in from various sources, paving the way for dynamic inputs and plenty of business drivers. Align your business goals clearly to the […]

5 Big Social Media Mistakes and their Amends

Tenzin Geychok April 30, 2014

Social Media has gained momentum over the past few years. There are some good corporate social media accounts out there. Oreo makes the most out of the current events by making cute ads based on them. But there are at least as many fails happening in the marketing social sphere as wins and the fails are […]