Does Demand Generation Meet its Expected ROI?

Supply-demand is a topsy-turvy curve – whether it’s in economics or in customer acquisition. No doubt, generation of demands won’t be any simpler. Long gone are the days when customers came to stores to order their stationeries. The well-accepted phrase in digital marketing is: “Content is King”. Visitors read, decide – and buy! Content Marketing […]

Data Mapping and Data Appending – Are They Long-Lost Siblings?

Actually, they are more like mother and daughter – Data Appending partaking the latter role. But there is no reason to believe that she is the sole light of the house. Data integration process is a complex business and it requires a series of steps in structuring a feasible strategy. It’s also easy to lose […]

5 Metrics that Measure Telemarketing Services in 2015

Tenzin Geychok May 22, 2015

Telemarketing Services is the long lost hero of the marketing battlefield. Before newcomers like social media and other online gibberish took over customers’ minds, telemarketing was the sole way to get through to customers instantaneously. The great mantle of marketing success is slowly shifting. But is it that time yet?   Better Late than Never […]

How can Data-Driven Marketing be a Treat this Halloween?

Tenzin Geychok October 30, 2014

So what are you treating your customers this Halloween – a trick or a treat? If you wish to build a solid business foundation as a Reseller and enjoy superior profits, but lack the means to reach your goal, you’re at the right juncture. Just as an exquisite dish needs to have all the alluring […]

Accelerate your Business through Data Driven Marketing

We live in an age where data rules our lives. The rate at which data is being accessed and processed each day is growing exponentially. Data is gaining more prominence as an essential foundation for optimizing business results and leverages the strategic business advantage. Best in class companies that use predictive analysis and data mining […]

There is only one boss — The Customer Company

Tenzin Geychok September 11, 2014

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” This statement made by Sam Walton in 1977 still holds true in today’s technology-driven age, greater than it was few decades ago. Changing technology makes a strong impact on […]

Is your data devoid of human intervention?

We are presently in the data-driven marketing era, where everything is driven by nothing but the ‘data’. With data by our side, we can target our niche audiences with higher precision. Data today has empowered us for a better understanding of our consumers. It’s solely the data which has helped us in understanding the consumer […]

Why Sales funnel model doesn’t fit B2B marketing model anymore?

Sales funnel model can perfectly fit B2C marketing but will fail to register well with a B2B model. This is because one doesn’t associate with individual leads in B2B marketing but with the company on the whole. A perfect B2B marketing cycle should have something which covers all the phases of a continuous, looping journey […]

Give a face to your customer profile

Tenzin Geychok July 29, 2014

You have a product, but do you know who the right fit for your product is? Unless you give a face to your customer, you are just shooting in the dark. The process of defining your customer is called customer profiling, one of the most essential tool for the sales and marketing team. Trying to […]

What digital marketing gurus learnt from FIFA world cup?

Tenzin Geychok June 20, 2014

It’s FIFA season and the major topic of discussion these days is about the football matches played the previous day. While we were watching this match between Columbia and Ivory Coast, on Thursday, we thought as a marketer we had something to take back. If you noticed, it’s after the halftime, there was something vigorous […]