How To Use AI for Lead Generation to Lead Conversion

How To Use AI for Lead Generation to Lead Conversion

Debottam Dutta December 26, 2019

 Introduction Artificial Intelligence will be the ultimate version of Google – A search engine that would know exactly what you wanted before you even expressed your desires and would deliver it to you AI is gaining such prominence that 78% of brands either have already implemented or are willing to implement AI in their business […]

How to Know When NOT to Purchase Email Databases

How to Know When NOT to Purchase Email Databases

If your list is bad, the first thing that will be hurt is your email deliverability. Poor deliverability will result in poor open rates, poorer click-throughs, and worse conversions. And like the one rotten apple in the basket, one bad email list will contaminate your campaign statistics bunch. Save your marketing ROI. Don’t purchase email […]

5 Priority Attributes to Say that Your Database Segmentation Game is on Point

Despite advancements in marketing technology, channel marketing and interactivity, the one consistent thing that customers expect from marketers is – Value. Genuine value – that is tangible and quantifiable! Get this on point, and your marketing and sales results will be on track. Value is something that has a different meaning to each client. While […]

Digital Marketing Gurus Speak on 2016’s Golden Goose Chase – ChatBots: S01E03

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: S01 E03 In Span Global Services’ lead-up for #RoadtoDF16, we will be talking about the latest happenings in the technology fora and our respective takes on each topic. In our last episode, we spoke about the coming year’s content marketing trends. This time, we are going futuristic. It’s a robot army […]

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: S01 E01

Technology sector’s best brains are coming together in San Francisco to discuss the world of software, digital, IT and others. Dreamforce 2016 is happening, and we are seeing a lot of notable market trends that deserve a word, but are not being as highlighted as they should be. In Span Global Services’ lead-up for #RoadtoDF16, […]

How to attract and engage the right audience.

The most relevant aspect of data-driven marketing is building a credible buyer persona so as to attract prospective audience, converting them into leads and eventually your final buyer. Spending dollars without a plan in place would just jeopardize your stance and results however high in number would not hold weightage. Whether you are a start-up […]

Recognize the Responsive Trend in Technology Lead Generation

Customers are going mobile but they are tired of downloading hundreds of apps to just get reviews of different brands. On these grounds, prospects and visitors are left with only one choice – search engines. HubSpot reports on mobile-path-to-purchase confirm this trend. So, 48% + 33% statistics going against apps (designed specifically for portable devices) […]

Can Data Analytics Help You in Acquiring your Technology Marketing Prospects?

Service industries continuously suffer under the rough scrutiny of clients, prospects and the management. Technology being one of the most aggressively evolving service sectors, it draws a lot of flak sometimes due to lack of comprehension of inner workings, and sometimes due to unrealistic expectations rising from its recent successes. When you put it in […]

Having unclean data is like owning a Ferrari without possessing a Driver’s License

Keeping communication lines open and active with   customers are few of the best ways to achieve business success. Customer is ultimately the king in any business and customer responsiveness can make or break the future of your business. This makes customer data one of the most essential assets to build as part of your […]

What could be common between Cinderella’s story and Data Intelligence?

Tenzin Geychok November 19, 2014

We have all grown up with the story of Cinderella. She is a vibrant young lady with a selfless character, beauty and magnificence. Though confined by suffering and distress, she never resigned to fate and always dream about a beautiful future ahead. Now let’s get to Data. What could be similar about Cinderella and Data […]