Technology Intelligence Trends 101: S01 E01

Technology sector’s best brains are coming together in San Francisco to discuss the world of software, digital, IT and others. Dreamforce 2016 is happening, and we are seeing a lot of notable market trends that deserve a word, but are not being as highlighted as they should be. In Span Global Services’ lead-up for #RoadtoDF16, […]

Why Businesses Are Buried under their Own Data: Answers @ Dreamforce 2016

Data – world’s imminent concern after human population and global warming! Not only because it’s increasing at an exponential rate, but also that people (and businesses) can’t seemingly get enough of it. We are adding more and more channels to our data input media (wearable devices, IoT etc.) and making data research, collection, and analysis […]

Don’t be Silly! Ask Questions that Phone Appending Buyers Should Ask

You go to an exquisite five-star restaurant and finally order what the waiter chooses for you. You don’t do that. If you are addicted to working on a tight budget (like we marketers often are), you won’t even bother to ask about the Specials. Buyers’ time is important. That is not only to show off […]

Why Email Appending Alone Can’t Help Your Business

It is a relieving and alluring moment when your next business meeting is cancelled, or when you don’t have to spend the next hour on a conference call with a faceless entity. The same, and much more can be achieved with the help of an email thread. There is a significant advantage to this. While […]

Actionable Data from Automated Data Management – Your New Campaign Idea!

Marketers are struggling to maintain their ‘Being where the customers are’ resolve. And that is partly because of the new technological revolution now taking place in the B2B digital space. Data inputs from interconnected daily devices (IoT) and intricate online customer interactions (e-commerce etc.) is making the customer data framework more complex than ever. Some […]

RSA Conference 2016: Future of “World-Sized Web” and Data Security

Span Global Services is present at Asia Pacific’s biggest data security event at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – RSA Conference 2016. Our presenters are relaying live updates of the event. Discussion in point: data security of interconnected devices. For a world which is banking big on Cloud Services and Internet of Things (IoT) in […]

How to attract and engage the right audience.

The most relevant aspect of data-driven marketing is building a credible buyer persona so as to attract prospective audience, converting them into leads and eventually your final buyer. Spending dollars without a plan in place would just jeopardize your stance and results however high in number would not hold weightage. Whether you are a start-up […]

7 Signs that Show Your Technology Mailing List is Growing

“When I was a kid, it felt like they made something new every day… Like every day was Christmas.” –          Donald (Interstellar) We are living this future. As we speak, someone somewhere in this wide world is working on a new technology to make our lives better. In business, automation technologies have changed the paradigm […]

5 Not-So-Best Technology Marketing Practices that Actually Paid Off Last Year

Know your customer. Surround your technology marketing strategy around them. Then you ask: How? Like every year, you are probably scraping the answers from thousands of “Current Trends…”, “Best Practices…” and what-not “…Article for this New Year” on the net. Rummaging do-it-yourself marketing solutions from secondary (read: others’) internet resources has become a best practice […]

Is the New Year Happy for Your Technology Marketing Campaigns

Economic turmoil, terrorist attacks, and the States’ defunding on Planned Parenthood later, you might feel your average year went pretty disappointing. Well, we all have our whines and groans to carry forward to the New Year. Looking towards the technology market on the other side, you might find a different story altogether. Leaving out a […]