How to attract and engage the right audience.

The most relevant aspect of data-driven marketing is building a credible buyer persona so as to attract prospective audience, converting them into leads and eventually your final buyer. Spending dollars without a plan in place would just jeopardize your stance and results however high in number would not hold weightage. Whether you are a start-up […]

7 Signs Your Technology Mailing List is Growing

“When I was a kid, it felt like they made something new every day… Like every day was Christmas.” –          Donald (Interstellar) We are living this future. As we speak, someone somewhere in this wide world is working on a new technology to make our lives better. In business, automation technologies have changed the paradigm […]

5 Not-So-Best Technology Marketing Practices that Actually Paid Off Last Year

Know your customer. Surround your technology marketing strategy around them. Then you ask: How? Like every year, you are probably scraping the answers from thousands of “Current Trends…”, “Best Practices…” and what-not “…Article for this New Year” on the net. Rummaging do-it-yourself marketing solutions from secondary (read: others’) internet resources has become a best practice […]

How Technology Marketing Will Change in 2016

Economic turmoil, terrorist attacks, and the States’ defunding on Planned Parenthood later, you might feel your average year went pretty disappointing. Well, we all have our whines and groans to carry forward to the New Year. Looking towards the technology market on the other side, you might find a different story altogether. Leaving out a […]

Technology Lead Generation: Recognize the Responsive Trend

Customers are going mobile but they are tired of downloading hundreds of apps to just get reviews of different brands. On these grounds, prospects and visitors are left with only one choice – search engines. HubSpot reports on mobile-path-to-purchase confirm this trend. So, 48% + 33% statistics going against apps (designed specifically for portable devices) […]

What Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to the Next Generation Means for Technology Marketing

Mark Zuckerberg’s newborn has seen the light of the big world, and the proud father is wasting no time in making the little one realize how big it is actually. A bit too soon for discussing human potential and equality promotions, but kids anyway grow fast these days. What his letter means for technology marketing […]

World AIDS Day: Technology Marketing to Healthcare

World AIDS Day is just round the corner (1st December) and healthcare industry is currently the ideal ground for marketing your medical supplies technology. Undoubtedly, healthcare is one of the oldest and vastest utility services known to mankind. Simultaneously, the industry also holds quite a huge number of data in terms of medical and maintenance […]

3 Marketing Strategies for the New-Age Technology Market

Twenty-first century is mad about technology. Each month we will see a new hi-tech product sitting in peoples’ laps. And there’s practically no end to this downpour of innovations. The multi-faceted technological parade has diversified as well as opened the scope for future marketing in the industry. Data – an abundantly available commodity of today’s […]

Can Strong Data Management Prevent the Surge of Cyber Attacks on Healthcare?

Tenzin Geychok(Mike) August 25, 2015

There has been a sudden surge in the number of cyber-attacks on patient medical records currently. From the past decade, one or the other major healthcare corporation has constantly been in the news over issues on high-level data breaches. By recent studies, it seems that over 90% of healthcare companies of the country have been […]

How Clear Social Media Litters with Advanced Database Management

A bad office day begins at a badly arranged desk. After a bill-laden letter-box and rhythmic jolts of the bustling daily commute, your mind is a minefield of anxiousness. Adding the burdens of an unorganized workstation, finding each hilly-billy document becomes an excuse for outbursts. What you need is a secretary. Digitally speaking, you need […]