How to Build a Marketing Database 1:1 with your Customers – Part 2

We have already discussed about one aspect: Stay alert. Listen to your customers on every channel in our previous blog How to market 1:1 with your customers – Part 1. Here are the remaining 3 topics: Reach out to your customers where they are mostly found – The moment you hear about your target audience, start […]

How to Build a Marketing Database 1:1 with your Customers – Part 1

Given the exceptional growth of social channels today, the leading brands are completely transforming their traditional marketing strategies. Everybody is striving to become a customer company by being present wherever their customers are – which is everywhere on the internet. Millions of conversations happen in social media and public communities, and customers heavily rely on […]

Its Paramount to Update Email Database

Updating your existing database is not a Herculean task. Yet, using the same database for all your marketing campaigns is not a smart approach either. There comes a time, when your database – not just the quantity, but even the quality of your database holds the reign of success or failure of your investment. It’s […]

Doubling Down on the 3 Pillars of B2B Marketing Success

Tenzin Geychok August 26, 2014

If you thought that your existing database holds great potential for higher conversions, think again. B2B business leads decay more often than you think. Possessing a poor database is as good as not having it at all. If you are planning on your next marketing campaign, then take a look (detailed look) at your existing […]

Investment in Data Quality: A Quality Investment

We have this conversation with marketers all the time. We keep explaining to them the flipside of cheap data, but it’s hard to convince. Our previous post ‘There’s no such thing called cheap data’ was one such attempt. If you are thinking about buying a cheap list, you are better off by just not using […]

Value of data: There’s no such thing as a cheap dataset

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s no such thing called cheap data. Data vendors are in plenty today and the cost of data varies in abundance. Some of them offer you free data, some at exorbitant price, and some at extremely low price. As a buyer you would be tempted to […]

Learn How to Manage Database Like a Pro – Part 2

.Keep the memory organized – Having your files and documents organized is the key. Just because a main server has huge memory, it doesn’t mean that you save everything everywhere. No matter how large the memory capacity is, misallocation and duplication of data is probable. This can any day overload your server and bring it […]

Learn How to Manage Database Like a Pro – Part 1

Issues don’t come with a caution sign board. However, when there are roadblocks which mushroom around, it won’t leave until you’ve learnt a lesson or two. What’s trending now in the US is the major delay for potentially millions of people around the globe who are waiting for the US passports and Visas. Thanks to […]

Data Mining and Management – How the Industry Is Changing

Big data is here to stay; and by far, one of the most exciting factors for marketers looking beyond the normal. The internet is a hot bed of activity with millions of transactions happening as you read this. For a marketer, finding the right prospect is one of the toughest processes. The correlation between the […]

How to Avoid Data Decay

Knowledge is Power. Being in the industry and as a marketer or business owner, you keep adding information about your customers to the database, piles of it. However, the efforts put into utilizing this information is close to zero. So the question that arises now is how this huge amount of data can be used […]