Infographic: Database Profiling

Tenzin Geychok June 30, 2014

Independence day, the Fourth of July is just round the corner. Therefore, we decided to share crucial ideas on how to gain freedom and independence from cluttered data. The first step to any data cleansing and updation is through database profiling. This is a process where we scan your database and profile it for you. […]

How B2B marketers are using data to segment email campaigns

Email marketing and data segmentation are two things which go hand in hand. For a message to complete a successful cycle, and reach the intended target audience, performance of both data segmentation and email marketing is important. So how do you tune your database to create Niche Markets? This is a critical question which needs […]

Is your Customer Data Upgraded to Fit the Bill?

What can you do with customer data? Say “Hello” to customers Send offers Build relationships And lots more… To develop an advanced level of relationship with anybody, you need to get into intricate details of the person. The phenomenon holds perfect even with a customer. If you want to know the customer and have a […]

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