Actually, they are more like mother and daughter – Data Appending partaking the latter role. But there is no reason to believe that she is the sole light of the house. Data integration process is a complex business and it requires a series of steps in structuring a feasible strategy. It’s also easy to lose your way in the jungle of codes and disarrayed data, thus allowing data mapping to carve a clean path.

Data Appending

An integration strategy constitutes of a Source and a Target folder which are linked by an intermediate loading table(s). The steps in between is where data appending takes over. There are four different approaches altogether:

1. Data Appending: The Target folder is emptied and all flows from the Source is fixated via loading table(s).

2. Control Appending: Alike Data Appending, but also provided with an additional option for flow control.

3. Incremented Updating:

  • Empty Target data-store.
  • Compare Target with flow from Source.
  • Enter new records.
  • Update existent records in the Target folder incrementally with the flow.

Incremented Updating also has the provision for optional flow control.

4. History Append: A slowly changing environment is preferable for Targets where update history preservation is equally essential. The append process identifies fields with such requisites, updates them, and stores the previously recorded state.

The discussed phase concerns one or two servers at the most depending upon the location(s) of the appending platform and the Target. Span Global Services provides many acute data appending options for a wide dimension of industries. Solve your specific queries regarding data-marketing processes at 877-837-4884 or write to us at mentioning how we can better your business.

Can Customer Segmentation be achieved through Data Appending?

The goal behind all data appending operations (whether in-house or outsourced) is to save commitments – time-wise, resources or otherwise – on creating converged buying profiles. In other terms, customer segmentation is the final intended outcome. Does data appending achieve it? Following a proper data map and integration strategy, it does. And does it quite effectively!

4 Questions to Optimize Customer Segmentation through Data Appending:

  • What does your company want from the market?

Business strategies are never complete without a complete understanding of the market. Understanding the market, along with the understanding of your company’s place in it. Data appending requires that your interactions with the customer remains relevant and up-to-date. Unless the customer database is updated, fulfilling this vital marketing goal, there’s no use in wasting time and resources behind the job.

  • This Customer – That Customer: what’s the difference?

Customer segmentation is all about identifying the customers’ differing needs. It is important in reference to your varying marketing campaigns. With the attached weightage to each category, it’s productive to invest in specific lists and focus your marketing campaigns accordingly. Your business doesn’t lose out on any prospective customer base.

  • What does your old data suggest?

The old database maybe outdated, but it’s still a vital piece of insight to look into what you tried, what failed, and what succeeded. Once you look carefully, the old database will tell you the portions that needs updating, and partly chalk out the data map for you. Your data appending service providers can take over from there.

  • Have you judged it right?

Validation of customer segments is another major task. The data appending process should set up default customer segments unless you provide valued inputs of your specific business requirements. Though, even after inputs the completed process doesn’t provide desired results. Varied reasons can be responsible. But these fallacies can be removed through post-validations.

Data appending services are equipped with smart validation software and service providers also offer sample testing of the newly updated database. Is your business suffering under burdens of bad data? Let Span Global Services help you out. Call us at 877-837-4884 for further enquiries. Address your data appending concerns at

Author - Jeff Anderson
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