GDPR has made acknowledgments harder and prospecting a tad difficult, even for seasoned digital marketers. How useful are expensive but dedicated automated tools to measure data entry points?

The customer’s digital journey decoded

The digital marketing funnel just got denser. Senior leaders are constantly required to create new approaches to engage people and focus on experiences that interest them the most.

There was a study done by PwC to understand how people would respond to online shopping in the future. It offered some exciting insights from 4,000 respondents from the USA and 11,000 from other countries.

When dealing with e-commerce shopping or business, people prefer high speed, convenience, friendly employees who responded to them and provided good services. From the survey, one can easily gauge that if customers are acknowledged and treated with respect, they would do the same with the sales team.

This is why email attribution becomes significant to every e-commerce marketer’s long-term strategy. A humane connection works wonders to get results. While creating sales techniques, most marketers forget this little detail. We hope you will remember it when you decode the customer’s digital journey through sales tools.

Use mid-funnel analytic tools for data conversion

With experience, you understood that all people who click on digital ads are not genuine buyers but only curious onlookers passing by. When available data is unified it becomes a better analytical instrument. An online business needs organized steps for sustained sales and marketing.

Data marketing tools can only aid in accelerating the pitch to the targeted audiences. But to get attribution, you will need more efforts. Funnels are structured processes that help you to gain insights for data conversion.

If your customers are confused, do the following to isolate and understand the problem and work on it:

  • Investigate which issues are causing confusion to them.
  • Is language an issue or is it the company policy that stops customers from signing?
  • Are there any technical issues like bugs, incompatible browsers or slow speed that is affecting their behavior?

Mid-level funnel tools address these problems effectively. They should be pressed into action to understand the customer journey.

Use easy insights first

When there is a lot of data being spewed out, it is difficult to know which to use and which to discard. If you have been in sales for long enough, you may have learned from certain mistakes. Hopefully, you would have also learned what does not work.

When data provides results, use the easy insights first. The complex ones can be handled later. Analytics works only when you know which benchmarks you need to achieve. In this case, email attribution is plain in sight. Do the needful to get results.

The best way to begin is

  1. Make benchmarks with automated tools. Many platforms including Google provide them for digital marketing professionals.
  2. Keep an eye on competitors and how they are using emails effectively. Do not copy them, but get creative and use another formula that will work to get consumer responses.
  3. Is your product or service catering to the emotional needs of the consumer? Such content can make or break your success rate.
  4. Who influences your marketing efforts? Find out and acknowledge them too.

Data points to track journey

A customer goes through a lot of effort when he shops online or offline. You can build a behavior model that maps the journey and tracks how the customer reaches till the counter, with a cart full of merchandise.

No two journeys are the same; but the model offers a range of accuracy to get validation. The data entry points to track range from discovery to sales and then to buying and retention.

Customers can be tracked on the website with sales tools. Today, these tools are expensive. But the sales team can use emails which are more budget-friendly. Despite GDPR, customers are willing to share their email addresses because the products are interesting.

Is this not validation enough to be taken seriously?

Author - Tenzin Geychok
Tenzin Geychok Author at Span Global Services Tenzin is an exceptional business development manager with strong planning and implementation capabilities. He’s highly skilled at strategy execution with an in-depth understanding of the customers’ requirements. He constantly develops newer ways to improve customer experience that boost & build brand loyalty. Tenzin is a people’s person ensuring positive interactions and relationships with clients and team members giving more emphasis to value over business.

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