A buyer persona is created to understand the target audience. It is an invaluable tool for every marketer to remain in the competitive B2B trade. It begins with research and analysis to develop the right template. This is the secret to getting results each time the sales team is sent into the field to attain targets.We present some reasons to design a specific BP.

If you are already doing well and achieving your goals, then this post may not offer any new tips. However, if your target fail, missing potential orders, having gaps in KPIs and key metrics then stay on. It is possible that you have faltered in designing the perfect buyer persona.

‘Buyer personas represent historical consumers. They can influence decisions on who orders the products and which solution providers are the best in the market.’

Link between ROI and BP creation

As part of the sales intelligence, a marketer requires a very structured approach to achieving their inbound strategies. It is possible only when research is done and analyzed to accept the ideal customer. It is significant to go to their roots to boost your own sales figures. You may need creating 1 or 2 different profiles either based on the verticals or the specific USP of your product portfolio.
The following 4 ways link ROI and BP creation.

ROI and BP Creation

Research and analysis

Without market research it is impossible to identify the suitable buyer. Work out the following types with established goals:

• Background research
• Qualitative information
• Quantitative study with observation

Background research

For different marketers, the background research suggests diverse information and key metrics. However, begin with the current competitors in the field and their social media presence. Analyzing what makes them tick could trigger ideas to start the draft. It will help to grab the deep hanging fruit and a baseline.

Qualitative information gathering

The previous research only focuses on the broad guidelines to approach the clients in specific industry. Straight away you need narrowing your research with quality information gathering through techniques. Data can be gathered on the field or through online channels.

In this type of research, diverse verticals can be tapped. It is unrelated to only one industry. This information allows one to explore product offerings to other traders. Information gathered should be on influencers and their behavior patterns of buying for their organizations. If you have special product range to offer, a survey across divergent groups may attach value to the research to understand the BP.

Quantitative or observational study

What motivates a group head to prefer one supplier over the other? Does he or she include parameters to share with you? Are they looking for a particular quality or performance of the product? It is not just the price that matters before the decision to place the order is given.

The group heads also look for previous performance and record of other satisfactory customers. How well do you fit? What challenges do you have to overcome? Such an observation can push the envelope to develop the right template.
Below is a typical BP template

BP Template
As you understand the context of research, you will observe what the participants’ demands are. Your KPIs and key metrics will fall in place and exploring the field will bear constructive results.

Author - Tenzin Geychok
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