Social copy – Bad data has an adverse impact on a business marketing and sales efforts. Find out just how harmful bad data is and how it can cripple an organization.

Every marketer worth their salt knows just how important the quality of data is. Without useful data, no marketing efforts can ever reap ROI. When bad data comes into the picture, it can potentially kill your business – generating inferior leads, incurring huge costs, and wasting time.

What is bad data?

According to a study by DiscoverOrg, businesses lose as much as $32,000 per sales rep as a direct result of using bad data. Any data that is incorrect, obsolete, or no longer serves the purpose is bad. This happens because it is common for a prospect’s contact details like email, designation, and phone number to change. Over time, people change companies, email addresses, and other contact information.

Even a single incorrect email address makes an adverse impact on your sales performance. Apart from money, a business also loses time that could have been used on quality leads, ultimately taking a hit in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Why is good data important for contact marketing?

Contact data is crucial for most organizations marketing activities. However, building a database of prospect contacts will bear no results if a business works with obsolete, outdated data. The result is a failure to get the response that marketers want from prospects.

When contact data is clean and accurate, it boosts your efforts to reach your market at speed. When it is outdated and incorrect, it can kill a business. Here are some ways bad data can harm your business.

A waste of resources

Poor-quality data imposes a huge cost on businesses in the form of high inefficiencies, bad leads, lost revenue, and so on. When added up, these costs can be debilitating for an organizations. Not just monetary, the costs are also related to time and effort.

Kills marketing efforts

To create a successful marketing campaign, the right message must reach the right people. With invalid emails, outdated phone numbers, missing fields and other forms of bad data, this is an impossibility.

Bad data has a significantly adverse impact on the success of marketing campaigns, wreaking havoc on performance metrics and keeping your business from growing. As a result, both effort and money are wasted on undelivered emails to a contact list.

Harms a company’s credibility

If an email is the one of the first communications to your customers, it must be relevant and personalized. Bad data obstructs brands from achieving this goal, leaving a bad impression on prospects and bringing customer satisfaction down.

Incorrectly or poorly titled communications indicate a failure to value customers, which ultimately decrease confidence and lead to lost opportunities.

Hurts lead generation

To create accurate customer profiles, marketers must always maintain an updated contact list. When they work with bad data – outdated job titles, falsified records, and data entry mistakes, the likelihood of converting leads becomes dim.

Affects sales performance

When salespersons work with incorrect lead information, their performance takes a hit. Poor quality data results in poor quality calls, and a huge amount of time is wasted in zeroing in on the right person to speak to. For instance, scheduling a call based on bad data could mean approaching someone who is not a good fit for your product and a salesperson without poorly equipped with the information required to build rapport. If bad data continues to creep into the next stages of lead nurturing, it makes matters worse.

When organizations practice good data hygiene, they can address the issues related to collecting and using bad data.

Practicing good data hygiene

Inaccurate information affects sales, productivity, and finally credibility. To practice good data hygiene, organizations must clean up, verify, and organize databases to get rid of problems like duplicates, mismatches, outdated records, and missing elements. You will find qualified platforms like Span Global Services for data cleaning and data enrichment to keep your records error-free and updated.

Over time, it is natural for information to change. While it’s certainly not easy to keep data up-to-date, having some basic processes in place will help companies deal with the problem of bad data. Some key questions to ask are –

  • How should data quality be measured?

Basic details like name, phone, and email address must be updated and accurate. Apart from this, some factors are crucial to the quality of collected information – consistency, timeliness, uniqueness, etc.

  • How can data be made better?

Say, a prospect on your database has just switched jobs. Apart from updating their new position, other information such as if they are still a key decision maker in their new role, should also be updated.

  • How can we practice data cleansing?

Practicing data hygiene requires a regular cleansing of data. Business data decays faster than your expect it, rendering your contacts redundant or obsolete. Without proper and regular data cleansing, a business will almost always suffer from undeliverable mails, lower productivity, and ultimately, financial loss. It’s important to choose a comprehensive data cleansing service to scrub your data and make it work for your business.

  • How can we verify data?

The quality of your contact data will determine your customer communication success. If you’ve been sending out tailored, relevant emails each day but they simply aren’t reaching your audience, your contact marketing efforts will never result in a good response.

Choosing the right custom data provider

With time, the effect of bad data snowballs, potentially leaving you with a database full of duds. If you engage the right custom data provider, your marketing efforts across channels will benefit as a direct result of quality and accurate data.

A clean database is the boost a business’ marketing and decision-making making. At Span Global Services, we understand how debilitating an impact bad data can have on your business. Our custom data and data management services are designed to help you reach your audience and convert leads quickly. For more information, get in touch with us today. Contact Us or Buy Email List.

Author - Debottam Dutta
Debottam Dutta Author at Span Global Services Debottam Dutta, is the VP for Business Development at Span Global Services. A technology geek with deep industry knowledge, Debottam has championed the B2B data space and enabled double digit growth for global tech enterprises. His business models have inspired partners globally to embrace data-driven partnerships. Over the last eight years he has built a reputation for developing the best business strategies, incubating new business models and expanding partner channels world-wide.

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