Investment in good data

We have this conversation with marketers all the time. We keep explaining to them the flipside of cheap data, but it’s hard to convince. Our previous post There’s no such thing called cheap data was one such attempt. If you are thinking about buying a cheap list, you are better off by just not using any data. We may sound a little dramatic saying this, but it’s true.  Believe us when we say, by the time you have cleaned through the junk list, sifting through the poor quality data and non-decision makers, you will certainly end up wasting more money than the acquisition cost of that list. Your investment, and the time invested by your sales team just cannot be justified.

Here is a quote from Brian Carroll of Marketing Sherpa who defines this best, “The expense of a lead is not just the lead itself but it’s the amount of time it’s going to take your sales, inside sales team or channel partners to engage that lead.  It’s not about the cost of the data it’s about the effectiveness of the data you are giving your team to optimize their time.”

The best solution to fight bad data problem is to ensure that you are frequently updating your database with email and phone. Even social media verification is done manually. So, the solution is simple – get dedicated resources to keep your database updated, especially before you use it for making calls or sending emails, i.e. launching any campaigns. If you do not wish to add more resources to your team just for data verification, you always have a second option – Span Global Services.

Here at Span Global Services, we have a team of industry specific analysts who are meant to update contacts from various industries. We segment data based on various criteria like industry, location, title and other popular search keys. To maintain data quality, we update it at regular intervals for accuracy.

As we are evolving our data constantly – there’s no reason why you should delay your call to us. An investment in good data is a quality investment. To know more about our data and data driven marketing services, leave your query here and we will give you the assurance of highest returns on your investments.

Author - Sujith Kumar
Sujith Kumar Author at Span Global Services Chief Sales Officer, is a highly skilled orator with a keen interest in campaign management, survey development, business intelligence and social media management. Sujit has a special interest in personal branding and strongly believes that the key to success is to keep trying.

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