Does it still haunt you to buy email lists?

Does it still haunt you to buy email lists?

It’s a fact that buying email lists from vendors without a clear objective and target may harm the deliverability ratio as well as your brand reputation. The digital marketing era today has close to about eighty percent of businesses that rely on their own Database Strategy. So why do businesses still buy email lists? Having […]

Span Global Services HOO Shifts Base to Singapore

Span Global Services HOO Shifts Base to Singapore

Mukundan AP, our Head of Operations (HOO) in Data, has recently shifted base to Singapore to oversee Champions Group’s global data operations. Champions Group, a Singapore-enlisted multinational (MNC), is an umbrella corporation rooted into real estate & infrastructure, information technology (IT), global tourism, and many more business verticals.   Champions Infometrics, the IT division of […]

The Fitting GoT Character Chart for 2017 Content Marketing Trends: S01E02

The Fitting GoT Character Chart for 2017 Content Marketing Trends: S01E02

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: S01 E02 In Span Global Services’ lead-up for #RoadtoDF16, we will be talking about the latest happenings in the technology fora and our respective takes on each topic. In our first episode, we had a Pokemon-ish comparison of the Technology market. Read the second episode of our special: about the King […]

Don’t be Silly! Ask Questions that Phone Appending Buyers Should Ask

You go to an exquisite five-star restaurant and finally order what the waiter chooses for you. You don’t do that. If you are addicted to working on a tight budget (like we marketers often are), you won’t even bother to ask about the Specials. Buyers’ time is important. That is not only to show off […]

Personalization: One Key for all Marketing Channels

Beginning 2016, marketing gurus, evangelists, and experts predicted personalization to become a common goal among marketers. Let’s focus on some recent statistics: 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. 53% of marketers say ongoing, personalized communication with existing customers results in “moderate” to “significant” revenue impact. 50% of companies feel they can increase […]

How to Apply Email Lists as Marketers’ Strongest Quarterback

Clean (free of errors); green (real time); and lean (relevant) – these qualities make email lists the strongest quarterbacks of a marketer’s multi-channel campaigns team. Like every soccer team requires a strong quarterback to win matches and earn the champions title, marketers require clean and clear email databases for all their campaigns to achieve desired […]

How Marketers Leverage Email Lists Going beyond All Myths

Email still rules. Although cost of customer acquisition has increased, marketers heavily rely on email marketing. Not only ROI, but email helps marketers in building long term customer relationships through nurturing programs. In a broader perspective, all marketing campaigns leverage email as a marketing platform to gain better results. The soul of any successful email campaign lies with the intended […]

3 Essential Technology Marketing Channels to Target SMBs

49.8 % of the global economy comprises of SMB products and services. This segment is continuously growing, evolving and at its core lies the need for advanced technological business solutions. SMBs thus represent an opportune market for technology sellers and marketers. But before going gung-ho with technology marketing campaigns, marketers must figure out the right […]

Power to PR: Proper Technology Marketing is Impossible without It

PR officials have a set game-plan to promote single refrigerator units for retail. Selling the same refrigerator in bulk to B2Bs makes their lives miserable. Creating the “buzz” for technology marketing brands needs more involvement from marketers. Why is it so difficult? –          Technology needs for businesses are specific – to the very last detail –          […]

WhatsApp Hits 1B Active Users. Can Niche Technology Lists Do the Same?

Creating an active user base of billions from a technology list is like coaxing peaches out of an apple tree. But hear it through. This impossible may actually be a boon to your technology marketing clients. Every day… 42 billion messages 1.6 billion images 250 million videos …are shared in 53 languages across 1 billion […]