Why Geo Targeted Lists Matter Most to Email List Seekers

Tenzin Geychok May 12, 2015

Globalization is to blame. Before, it would be just American appliances and Yanks buying it out. But now, customers sitting in Australia require equal attention – the empire has stretched across the seaboard and gone global. This is true for all industries. Settling the world-wide domain of businesses become easier with ready-made Geo Targeted Lists. […]

CEO Email List – How’s of the Who’s-Who

The ‘WHY’ Before you call on who’s-who of companies to discuss your proposal, first ask yourself: why should they listen? Collate your perfect professional CEO email list with this ‘need’ in mind. Top company officials are marathon runners with frequent sprint phases in their paths. If you need their attention, your need should evolve to […]

3 Benefits of Appending Services for Your Email Contacts

Tenzin Geychok April 28, 2015

How did your last email campaign fare?   Very Successful? Satisfactory? So-so? Are you kidding?!   Now, if you’re already rocketing in establishing customer connections – business and retail alike, if you’re fetching leads like clock-work and generating million dollars worth business everyday, then you better move onto the next article because you’re probably from […]

Why has Dentistry lost its sheen today?

Tenzin Geychok August 8, 2014

The stressful lifestyle we lead today has made us more vulnerable to oral diseases.  Dental care and oral health are something very rarely spoken about. While there are enough reasons to visit your Dentists, the irony is that the number of students opting to take up Dentistry as their core area of specialization is dropping […]