Who could predict, that the mobile phone devices industry at large would give a run for the money to industries like Cameras, watches etc. There is a paradigm shift in the thought process of owning devices. Mobile devices were introduced as a basic necessity for connecting people on the go. With the increase in the functionality that a smart phone offers, the necessity has become synonymous with life and also with business in the form of; Mobile marketing

Desktop to Mobile – Transition Unleashed

Browsing and usage of apps dominates the functions utilized on a smartphone. Another key purpose that a smartphone serves is that of a multimedia device – Users spend more than 30 minutes a day on multimedia activities. Majority of this time is spent listening to music and watching video stored offline, taking & viewing pictures and accessing files stored on the device. Smartphone use in India is quickly becoming the dominant way many of the country’s 900 million mobile phone users stay connected. In fact, the country may have as many as 40 million of these devices in use by early this year.

mobile internet usage graph

The dramatic growth is driven by a desire among users to stay connected and have instant access to social networking sites—a global trend that represents an exponential growth opportunity in developing countries. Increase in the functionality of smartphones along with the steady decrease in data and device costs undoubtedly encourages customers to trade in their simple call devices with these big screen devices. Graphical illustrations of the shift in desktop to mobile users strongly influence the need for enterprises to think about using this mobility to their advantage.

future of mobile

Today, the significant rise in the importance of mobile devices finds expression in the motto: Mobile First! Investment bankers, real estate developers, bio technologists, venture capitalists, product managers, application experts, and IT analysts all preach the “Mobile first” gospel. ‘Mobile First’ dominates conceptualization of projects, investment decision, meeting programs, and marketing strategies. The forecast clearly denotes that there is an exponential increase in the number of users for mobile devices which justifies the decision to include marketing strategies that unify the attempt to reach the masses.

Is mobile marketing the priority?

With the elaboration on the transition metrics and the apparent rewards of mobile interface marketing, many observers see a decisive shift from desktops and laptops to the mobile channel. Putting things into perspective, fixed websites are on the way to extinction and progressive organizations would adapt to mobile interface marketing. Steve Jobs quoted with the launch of iPad that we have entered the Post PC Era.

Mobile marketing ensures omnipresent virtual presence. The transition is extremely important to be ignored by even smaller businesses. Undoubtedly it is a medium of expression, but it is not just another one. With the demand for all-pervading computing across different levels of a business, the integration across the mobile platform should happen sooner than later. To achieve this goal, organizations must:

  • Assess the relative value derived out of the mobility to the customer. The functionality should be in sync with the device intended. All it means is Customization is the key word. An app would certainly be differently abled than a tablet browser interface.
  • The penetration of marketing intent and the level of penetration are certainly determined by the type of device used. The top guns in the corporate domains would certainly want a Fablet to offer them what a fixed website would do to a Middle tier office manager.

Mobile Marketing – The forecast

The ratio between the lag times to the access permitted to a person over multiple devices is negligible. This is a nascent stage for mobility marketing. With the discovery like Smart TV, Smart watches and RFIDs, it is inevitable to foresee what mobility holds for the future.

evolutionary leap of mobilesThe forecast is a difficult thing to do with inventions like Google Glass coming into play and search engine companies foraying into automobile industry citing CSR as a driving force (Read: Google car).

One thing is certain, the word “Mobile” has certainly changed from being just a verb to a noun and to an action that we are getting addicted to.

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