The digital wave has become an indispensable part of our lives. Across different levels of people in the world, Connectivity and Accessibility are different challenges faced by the digital media. Hence, business momentum is still encouraged through conventional methods along with digital presence for a large part of the population. However, use of traditional methods has not hampered the growth of digital media penetration. A large part of this penetration is achieved by the concept of Influencer Marketing. With initiatives like from global companies that helps women learn how to use internet, education on the Web is growing rapidly. Not just the usage of internet and computers, the website also gives a whole lot of information on different areas like parenting, cooking, maternity tips, financial tips and beauty tips among others.

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Let us dissect the association behind helping women get online initiative. It might be a corporate social responsibility campaign for many but the presence is definitely reaping digital presence rewards. Along with companies which are partners like Intel, HUL and Axis Bank, there are smaller stakeholders like, Johnson & Johnson, Healthkart, babyoye, among others for this campaign.

The target segment for this campaign is a favorite segment amongst advertisers – Women. By roping in a whopping 50-million additional women users, imagine the traffic that could be driven on each of the stakeholder web page. On conducting a segmentation study, these companies that have partnered in the initiative clearly target women of every age, working class and housewives. Also, a major advantage with having this kind of web presence is that conventional media techniques are just first-look devices for women audiences. They greatly lack in providing the analysis for assessment of behavior and pattern that digital media promises.

The revolution

The advent of digital advertising has been realized greatly by the businesses and recently, investments in digital spend has increased manifold. The subscriptions for websites like Facebook has shown stupendous growth rate. With impressive company promotion pages and social media posts at periodic intervals, a company not only achieves a web mention but also people like and share the information, quite literally.

Retirement community was a phrase of yesteryears, now the whole community is accessible on social media sites and unbelievably over job sites. Digital medium has become synonymous with life and existence. Advertisements are more often watched over YouTube than TV. Also, the current trend among most online businesses is to create the demand and also in turn create the supply for the same. Talk about entering into a vicious circle of the digital space; which is where the world is heading to.

Author - Edward George
Edward George Author at Span Global Services One of the most charismatic leaders at Span Global Services, Edward assists strategic planning initiatives that help to promote an overall brand image of excellence. George is also a renowned B2B brand evangelist and blog writer. Backed with 15 years of client management expertise, George currently helps businesses achieve success through data-driven digital techniques. He ardently follows the lead by example principle and helps to maximize business performance of the organization and its clients.

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