This is our five part series, starting with this post, explaining the nuances of small business email marketing.

In this first post, we’ll start with the importance of organizing email marketing campaign and points to keep in mind while sending email campaign. Here’s the twelve tips to follow while using email marketing in your business.

Create a welcome mail to new subscribers:  Write this special piece of email should set the right tone to start your relationship with new subscribers. Besides this, it should also provide relevant and interesting content for newbies to become interesting in your mails.

Determine the Purpose of Your Campaign: Avoid sending generic email campaign. Instead, spend a little time to set the objective of the campaign.

Promote loyalty programs: Provide discount, customer education documents like eBooks, whitepapers, case studies to email recipients.

Write a Compelling Subject line: Use a subject line that describes the essence of the email.

Avoid Multiple Topics in one email: Focus the email campaign with similar topics and don’t distract recipients with multiple call to action.

Include a strong Call-to-Action: Conclude the email with a clear a call to action

Create Mobile friendly eMail Campaign: Consider  subscribers reading your email on mobile devices and create email for such audience.

Creating an email calendar: Mark special days on the email calendar and note the topics to be covered in each month/week.

Keep Contacts Organized: Track the bounces, changes in email address and make required changes

Avoid Overdoing of Email Design: Maintain a good layout, and keep your design minimal and clear.

Test email on third-party Email Clients: Test email campaigns on various email clients like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL.

Track the Response of Email Campaign: Include tracking code on all email campaign for finding the response rates


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