Span Global Services is present at Asia Pacific’s biggest data security event at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – RSA Conference 2016. Our presenters are relaying live updates of the event. Discussion in point: data security of interconnected devices.

For a world which is banking big on Cloud Services and Internet of Things (IoT) in the coming days, this is a valid concern. Once the “world-sized robot” of intricate sensors is up and running, everything we know and own will be available digitally. So the question remains: is our virtual identity as safe as our real-life counterpart?

RSA Conference 2016 invite

Talks in RSA Conference 2016: Bruce Schneier’s Perspective about IoT Data Security

Security technologist and Chief Technology Officer of Resilient – Bruce Schneier – addressed the issue in his keynote speech.

“We’re building an Internet [Internet of Things] that senses, thinks, and acts, and that is the classic definition of a robot and what I want to propose is that we’re building a world-sized robot and we don’t even realize it. And I call that robot the world-sized web,” he said while signifying the characteristics of a world which will be interconnected by “smart” devices.

From data collection (through sensors), storages (cloud platforms) to the analysis and final execution (network connected devices), the digital network will work parallel to the physical world. This paramount change in working definitions of real things will of course change the dimensions of threats as well.

The eccentric mix of economic, political and social complications will create an “interconnected system of threats”, Mr. Schneier was quoted. The threat of confidentiality for traditional security practices will evolve into threat of availability and integrity.

Make-over of Data Management Services: Implications from RSAC APJ 2016

The transformation of an interconnected world, according to Mr. Schneier, will witness three shifts of power:

  1. Between Governments & People
  2. Amongst Nation States
  3. Amongst Industries

The third shift lays eyes on the expected changes in the business sector, and concerned data management services of companies. Attackers are nimble and flexible enough to adapt to new technologies faster than most. Large corporations, on the other hand, have a slower adaptation towards new technologies and the bureaucratic ramifications of execution are much more cumbersome.

The new generation of data management services must bring a balance to the speed of adaptation for B2Bs and equalize the power distribution between “the quick and the strong”.

Meanwhile, see our delegates in action @ RSAC APJ!



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