5 Winning Ways to Include Social Media in Your Email Marketing

5 Winning Ways to Include Social Media in Your Email Marketing

Debottam Dutta September 28, 2022

With an impressive ROI of $36 for every dollar spent, emails rule the marketing world. It not only helps generate new leads in the sales funnel but also focuses on keeping existing customers engaged. But do you know that email marketing isn’t the only high scorer in marketing? Email marketing has new competition in town […]

A Complete Guide to Event Lead Generation

Technology Intelligence Trends 101: In our earlier episodes, we had a look at how not to repeat the Pokemon GO mistake, had a Game of Thrones breakdown of 2017’s content marketing trends, and saved the digital kind from a robot army invasion.  READ S01E01 | Avoiding the Pokemon GO Disaster READ S01E02 | 2017 Content […]

What Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to the Next Generation Means for Technology Marketing

Mark Zuckerberg’s newborn has seen the light of the big world, and the proud father is wasting no time in making the little one realize how big it is actually. A bit too soon for discussing human potential and equality promotions, but kids anyway grow fast these days. What his letter means for technology marketing […]

Social Media Intelligence Tools – Thought of Scorecards?

There are many social media intelligence tools available to monitor and manage your marketing effort on a particular social media channel. Irrespective of the social media platforms used, appropriate social media intelligence tools or services can be found to provide an outline of the penetration of the channel. Mostly these tools have a web interface […]

Social Media Intelligence Lifecycle

Tenzin Geychok June 4, 2014

Social media paves a way for brands to interact with customers, keep pace with the current trends, and gather competitive insights. With the advent of tools like Big Data, we have data flowing in from various sources, paving the way for dynamic inputs and plenty of business drivers. Align your business goals clearly to the […]

Social Media Intelligence – The need of the hour

There is a large amount of data available on social media. With platforms evolving from simple personal conversations to business related pages; the data is vast. These social media engagement threads and conversations help in deriving usable customer insights. With so many figures flowing in from numerous social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, […]

The thin line that exists between engagement and purchase in social media

How can the social space promise sales? Can a brand interact with a consumer? With the digital expanse, it is possible. The conversation or in the social lingo, the threads promise much more value than just purchase. The lifetime value of a consumer is much higher with social media engagement tools like FB, Twitter, Google+, […]

5 Big Social Media Mistakes and their Amends

Tenzin Geychok April 30, 2014

Social Media has gained momentum over the past few years. There are some good corporate social media accounts out there. Oreo makes the most out of the current events by making cute ads based on them. But there are at least as many fails happening in the marketing social sphere as wins and the fails are […]

The new trend – Influencer Marketing

The digital wave has become an indispensable part of our lives. Across different levels of people in the world, Connectivity and Accessibility are different challenges faced by the digital media. Hence, business momentum is still encouraged through conventional methods along with digital presence for a large part of the population. However, use of traditional methods […]

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