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Why Pokemon GO’s “Overnight Success” Saw the Dawn but not Noon

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“It takes twenty years to build an overnight success.”

– Jon Hanke, Founder, Pokemon GO

On 7th July, Pokemons were unleashed upon this world, and everybody was in love with the idea that they too had a chance of becoming a Pokemon Master – in real life. San Francisco-based Niantic and Japanese virtual game giant Nintendo together opened up a whole new world of fantasy and possibilities in the technology arena.

Yet, Pokemon GO’s beginning frenzy is fading out fast, and we are left with a hundred lawsuits on property trespassing and road accidents – all in the name of catching “exotic” Pokemons! It may have taken twenty years to build the “overnight success”, but then, that also is sometimes not enough to sustain it.

Where did Technology Intelligence Fail in the Pokemon GO Hype?

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This is as per latest statistics, and Pokemon GO is still one of the most used apps in the planet. The game is also the sole-rider in beating the top-5 monopoly of virtual messaging apps. Not bad for Nintendo’s first mobile-gaming venture!

So, Why the Sour Mouth?

Word-of-mouth publicity and social media buzz created the best product placement for Pokemon GO. This sufficed enough attention boost towards the augmented version of the nineties’ Pokemon game. With the right product (game version of a popular cartoon), the right platform (smartphone), and the right audience group (young individuals), the strong technology marketing foundation for the game would be expected to last as well. But what could have been an everlasting trend, has now turned out to be a gimmick for a month.

Initial hypes die. Because of the same reason they are created. When a product is launched, more revenue goes into highlighting the product’s “best” features, and all communication channels are covered to grab the most number of eyeballs. But once the product is one month into the market, these excess efforts cease to exist and marketers’ focus shifts from aggressive market capture to sustenance of the user-base.

For anticipated products (like Pokemon GO), there are high chances of the content going viral. Technology marketers and producers save their ‘spark-plug investments’ and ride on the tsunami of word-of-mouth publicity. But steering a strong wave needs a sharp surfer. Technology intelligence is the marketer’s edge to surf over a viral wave.

And that is where the game went wrong for Nintendo!

How NOT to Pull a Pokemon GO out of Your Tech Products: 4 Technology Intelligence Hacks

Battle Report:

Following the server failure last month, a huge backlash against Pokemon GO was reported all over social media, and public forums. Adding that to the many accidents occurring due to the intrusive nature of the game, the initial hype surrounding the game back-fired. Investors also are bailing themselves out of the project from this month. Nintendo, right now, is suffering from 17% share-price drop in Tokyo stock exchange, and further drop is expected. The Japanese game-maker has also announced, Pokemon GO will play “limited” role in future revenue recovery initiatives for the company. (Just to remember, this was the same app which doubled Nintendo’s share-value barely a month back!)

How Things could Work Better with Technology Intelligence:

1. Viral Check: Pre-Launch Scenario Analysis

Like always, it all starts with Data. Whatever the product, digital marketing starts with a strong analysis of your customer/user base. This is especially necessary when your product has been in the pipeline for some time, and is being wildly anticipated. You prepare for the mob before going out of the building – not after.

Virality is an emotional thing. Survey campaigns feature the best in understanding customer sentiments. Social media is the best place to communicate with your list members on a personal level.

2. User Tracks Pokemon. Developer Tracks User

App usage history is a great append to your user database. You know exactly what apps they are using, what are they using it for, and what are they liking in the app. Keeping a steady watch on your tech product’s usage and it’s download (purchase) rate gives you a prediction of what will work in the future.

The feedback column in the app store is a great place to look for direct suggestions from your users.

3. Control Your Campaigns

No number of campaigns are going to be enough if your customers are already expecting your product. Give them a demo or trial access, analyze their usage, and optimize your tech product according to their needs. The one-step-back approach often works to filter impulsive customer reactions. The transparency and helpfulness also builds brand credibility.

Save on your campaign budget if your past analysis is showing favorable outcome. Work on the personalization, and scrutinize your database segments carefully. Emails are the preferred channel to keep the communication private. Add a ‘Reply Back’ back-link with the company mail ID in your promotional mailers.

4. Prompt Damage Responses

Trending products can skip the awareness promotions stage. What makes a difference is the cutting-edge user service. Prompt grievance response is the only way to deal with such issues. Chat-bots are slowly gaining popularity in this segment, but there is still a long way to go in this direction (more on this in later episodes). Big businesses are still working on optimizing messaging service usage for grievance addresses.

Just add a WhatsApp number or provide a forum link in your promotions, especially targeted for the unsatisfied segment. Ensure proper supervision of the forum, and see the word-of-mouth spreading!


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