Which is the best day to send email promotions?  This is the question most marketers ask us, especially the ones who hire our email campaign services.

We base our recommendation on judicious analysis of what each day has to offer for the client industry. After analyzing the behavior of each target market, we have determined the most responsive day of the week for each industry.

If you want to know which day best suits your industry, you can ask us for our email marketing benchmarking report, which we have created based on years of experience in rolling out email campaigns for hundreds of customers. These customers are from large, small, and medium sized businesses across industries.

Here’s a glimpse of which days were preferred by our customers after being convinced about what works best.

Best Days To Roll Email Campaign-Span Global Services

The collective wisdom is to follow up from Tuesdays to Fridays for business-to-business promotions.

From real campaign reports, researchers found the best day for opens and the best day for clicks may not be the same. The trends are usually inconsistent. To counteract it, marketers need to make the distinction accurately. Further on, there are special calendar events based on holiday seasons that reveal different response figures. This is certainly a topic widely debated in email marketing. Conflicting opinions are abundant.

So which ones are right for you?


One thing is sure: each day of the week has its own significance when it comes to campaign results. The best advice is to analyze the behavior of your target market and then determine the most responsive day of the week.

Besides that, the best days for opens are not necessarily the best days for clicks. Holidays and seasonal occasions play a significant role bringing in different responses.

One good thing about email marketing is that it is testable. You can vary the campaign timing to find out the optimum time of day, and the day of week that holds potential for the best return for your campaign.

In conclusion, it is the understanding of target market behavior coupled with diligent email marketing know-how, which helps you to choose the best day to launch.

You can contact us for responsive email marketing or scrub existing data through data management services.

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