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 Scenario 1

Your marketing databases – They were not built in a day, your staff or you have spent a lot of time and effort putting them together. They are one of your most important assets.

They help you locate your prospects, take your products and services to your target market, generate responses, and acquire and retain customers.

Imagine what would happen if you did not manage or maintain your database. Contacts in it would soon get outdated. All the time and effort you spent would be wasted. The b2b email database would become useless for customer acquisition, customer retention and loyalty.

Here’s where a good database agency can help. They can undertake database management and get the best out of it.

Scenario 2

You are entering a new market. You need databases of your target audience in the new market. Building it in-house will take a lot of time, money and staff. Your time to market takes longer. Growth becomes slower.

Here’s where a good database agency can help. They can build new databases for you and speed up your sales.

Scenario 3

You have a good database, but it is missing important information such as email addresses and social data. To market to the same audience using email and social media channels, you need to add these fields. Adding it in-house will unwantedly eat into your time, money, and staff.

Here’s where a good database agency can help. They can add new fields and verified information in them for reaching your customers through the new channels.

Scenario 4

You have offices across locations. You need one standard view of your database. Doing this in-house is cumbersome and requires specialized staff and technology.

Here’s where a good database agency can help. They can give you a single view of the customer, making it easy to design effective campaigns.

Scenario 5

You need intelligence about your marketing databases. Understand your customer behavior based on what they do. Don’t roll targeted campaigns yet. Adding intelligence to the databases requires database intelligence personnel and technology. Again it comes at a high cost in most cases.

Here’s where a good database agency can help. They can create a synapse that sends and receives signals of the customer enabling you to deliver campaigns with straightforward results.

Facing these types of scenarios is typical of many organizations. Successful companies understand the importance of managing and growing their databases. Instead of hiring full-time staff, they outsource it to a reliable database marketing agency.

The difference in cost and potential profit are overwhelming!

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