Having accurate customer contact information is like gold dust for business marketing teams. This allows businesses to get in touch with consumers and B2B contacts directly. Not only does such a communication save time, but it also saves effort in redirecting clients to the business website. A wrongly typed email address or an outdated email, however, can undo all such thoughts. This is a big reason why companies focus their energy on periodic email appending.

Email appending is such a significant part of the overall data enrichment process that it helps businesses increase their MROI substantially. But before you opt for email appending process, there are some common mistakes that are best avoided to ensure such an appending process works for the benefit of the business and do not undermine the business brand value. Avoiding these common email appending mistakes will best help append your database with accurate client information.

Do not opt for low-quality email appending

With multiple email appending companies, businesses often commit the mistake of choosing the cheapest service provider. The cheapest is not always the best as low-quality email appending do not always ensure quality data. Check out the reputation of the vendors in the market especially their involvement in any data breaches or spam related law suites before taking a final call.

Evaluate vendors

Purchasing services from the first vendor is never a good idea and email append companies are no expectation. Seek personal interaction with vendors and avoid any vendors that suggest you map potential clients along with your consumers and those in your company database.

Do not shortlist email appending vendor based on price

An email appending program is much more than pricing and deliverability. Choosing the right master file, opting for the correct mapping process, using cleaned and updated data all play their role in ensuring you get value from the appending process. Price should not be a criterion especially for any data enrichment or email appending service.

Seek minimum deliverability guarantee

Seek minimum deliverability guarantee from the email appending Service Company. Having a high bounce rate post appending must be checked and brought to the notice of the email appending company. Have a post append grace period under which the email appending service provider is liable to offer remapping or refund.

Ensure vendor performs data cleansing

Always check whether the email appending company is offering data cleansing service to rule out typing errors or other unforced errors in email appending. Always ensure you get clean and deliverable results.

Never ignore Opt-in email requests

Always send an opt-in request before sending out any promotional material. Value the privacy of your clients to enhance your reputation and avoiding any anti-spam legal complications.

Balance personalized calls and marketing pitches

Balance the personalized calls and marketing pitches in client mailers. You do not want to over send the personalized pitches where the clients may have a suspicion over any data insights they may be uncomfortable in sharing.

Always include an opt-out option in mailers

Always include opt-out details in the mailers should any of the clients need to opt-out of the service at any point in the future.
Conclusion: While business understands the importance of email append, many commit the same mistakes resulting in a not so seamless email appending process. Avoiding these mistakes ensures email appending maximizes the outreach of the business with instant client communication.

Author - Debottam Dutta
Debottam Dutta Author at Span Global Services Debottam Dutta, is the VP for Business Development at Span Global Services. A technology geek with deep industry knowledge, Debottam has championed the B2B data space and enabled double digit growth for global tech enterprises. His business models have inspired partners globally to embrace data-driven partnerships. Over the last eight years he has built a reputation for developing the best business strategies, incubating new business models and expanding partner channels world-wide.

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