Amplify your marketing success up to 5 fold: with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Users Email List

  • Increase and improve engagement while prospecting with a qualified list of AWS users
  • Prospect with the people that matter the most is the decision-making hierarchy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a popular choice for many organizations to develop, deploy and host applications and this includes tech giants, governments, food manufactures, banks, and television networks. To name a few – we have companies like AOL, Autodesk, Citrix, Netflix, Reddit, SAP using Amazon Web Services.

This brings up the potential of tapping into this market share by aligning your products and services to AWS user-specific business needs.
To begin with understanding how you can achieve value-based outcomes via your marketing campaigns for Amazon Web Service (AWS) users – you need to identify the thought process that goes behind these corporations using a solution like AWS.

How successful you are in your marketing efforts – all boils down to understanding the organizations buying intent and deriving insights from a host of other intelligence parameters. In this case, we have to understand why companies adopt AWS?

Knowing who is using AWS and the kind of workloads they are using AWS for – can give you a fair idea of the company. The AWS user base comprises more of small and mid-sized companies with a small percentage of enterprise-scale users.

Understanding the efficacy of AWS

We have had companies like Netflix close their data centers and move all of their IT operations on to AWS. Enterprises like Intuit, Time, and Hertz have also followed suit and gone all-in with AWS. This has resulted in AWS taking over their entire IT operations, customer databases, transactions, and information infrastructure dependencies.

AWS offers an array of enterprises solutions and this includes – computing and storage needs; and solutions around databases, running marketing simulations, processing large volumes of data, recommendation engines, analytics, backup, disaster recovery, thwarting cyber threats, elastic load balancing to manage traffic and deployment of standardized infrastructure.

Also to top it all AWS provides 175+ featured services from their data centers spanning Singapore, Japan, South Korea, France, UK, Canada, and the US. AWS also has a big market share in the Infrasture-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service sectors.

How can you amplify your prospecting success with our AWS user list?

Our curated, vetted, and qualified leads lists help you maximize your business potential. Get your hands on an email list at the best possible quotes. You would be surprised to know the value you can tap into from our mailing lists made available to you at throw-away prices.

With this, you as a marketer can focus on your branding and aligning your products and services to your target niche. Our Technographic data fields act as your arsenal of information and intelligence to strategize your marketing efforts.

Our AWS user list gives you insights as to exactly which featured service of AWS your prospects are currently enabled with – such as Load Balancing, Elastic Map Reduce, ElasticCache, Glacier, Relational Database Service, Turk AWS Mailing Database.

These insights and tech enablement and purchase patterns can be scrutinized to help you craft the most contextual marketing pitch.

The due diligence you can expect from us

At Span Global Services we hold great value for our clients looking to garner value in their marketing initiatives. We incorporate a rigorous set of protocols to ensure that the data is cleansed, de-duplicated, and validated to provide you with an accurate lead data set.

In addition to this, our email append services and data enrichment initiatives help you with a plug-and-play solution. Be it an email blast, EDM outreach, or scheduled campaign – you can quickly make use of our user lead list – in our case an AWS user list – to work seamlessly within your marketing ecosystem.

You can focus all your energies on addressing the right audience at the right time.

Also with intelligence fields that offer different touchpoints of engaging with your prospects – which includes their social IDs and handles – you can effectively run multi-channel campaigns.

We understand you are engaging with a dynamic target audience who is constantly evolving and we help you keep pace with your constantly changing needs. Also with role-specific segmentation of the list of AWS user base – that includes decision-makers, C-Level Executives – you know your marketing efforts will truly bear fruit.

What are the key USPs of our AWS user email list?

Here is how we stand out from the rest of the competition. You are sure to gain value out of each record you purchase from us. We gather intelligence with a painstaking verification process. This includes

  • opt-in marketing database that eliminates the probability of your email prospecting ending up in spam
  • Technographic data giving you a unified view of the customer
  • Data enriching services that enable you to better your engagement and prospecting.
  • A high-quality data set that reduces your lead time in closing a sale
  • High deliverability of 95% with minimum bounce rate
  • Ability to quickly grow your customer base and your trade

Reliability Check about our AWS user lead list

At Span Global Services we believe our customers are more than data or a mere statistic. We source our data from the most reliable channels by adhering to ethical practices. Our data solutions come with unappalled data hygiene to garner unmatched customer satisfaction.

We adhere to the international laws while collating and compiling data from our data sources. Also, we incorporate manual and automated procedures for stringent validation and verification of our data.

How we source and validate our data?

We build our list by liaising with an extensive network of tradeshow organizers and content creators. Also, we seek customer consent and align them to marketing campaigns that match their interests.

Our primary and secondary data sources include government records and listings, business trade magazine subscriptions, B2B Directory Partnerships, Online Directories, Web Registrations, opt-in email campaigns, websites, and blogs – just to name a few.

We then follow it up with a rigorous process of appending missing information, adding intelligence to the data file, and validate the same with the support of the tele-calling facility and white paper download programs.

The data sourced also goes through an automated de-duplication process to remove inconsistencies and the emails get verified with SMTP ping tests, email testing tools, and via email, campaigns to remove bounces and opt-outs. We also map and validate social handles that include social IDs and behavior as a value add to the email list.


Span Global Services AWS users’ email list is the multichannel-ready marketing asset that allows you to accomplish cross-channel emails for educating and bringing prospects to terms of your purchase./

With our user email lists, you can promote products and services ranging from business services offers, publications, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking support, cross-selling opportunities, and more.

Also, Span Global Services provide you with a geo-location-based filter on our email lists so that you can run targeted crusades without being restricted to a specific country or region.

With our AWS user’s email list, you are assured of great marketing outcomes as our email leads are responsive and have a high conversion probability. Connect with our growth consultants at Span Global Services to get a quick quote

Author - Tenzin Geychok
Tenzin Geychok Author at Span Global Services Tenzin is an exceptional business development manager with strong planning and implementation capabilities. He’s highly skilled at strategy execution with an in-depth understanding of the customers’ requirements. He constantly develops newer ways to improve customer experience that boost & build brand loyalty. Tenzin is a people’s person ensuring positive interactions and relationships with clients and team members giving more emphasis to value over business.

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