Anyone in the B2B marketing landscape knows for sure that marketing has undergone a sea change. The earlier system of interruption marketing has lost all charm. In the current market, customers have more buying choices, and knowledge at their fingertips. They can easily browse the internet, find what’s being talked about on a brand, or visit customer forums to know what’s in it for them.

Welcome to the world Inbound Marketing

Neither did the shift from interruption marketing happen overnight, nor is inbound marketing a new strategy. This marketing tactic was used earlier by savvy marketers, and now it has become common parlance for all marketers.

So, what’s the hoopla about Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is all about creating and sharing relevant content with your audience. The good intention behind creating noteworthy content is to guide prospects to what they need in your business.

What channels is best to get results from Inbound Marketing

We looked at a 2013 report published by MarketingSherpa and found the top channels used by marketers to gain maximum velocity from marketing. Here they are –

SEO: There are no shortcuts to a higher search engine ranking. And it begins by taking concerted action to produce quality content, and then placing it carefully on various online channels.

Blogs: This is a critical channel for marketers to share thought leadership content and build a positive brand image.

Social Media: Various social media channels like, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used to build a rapport with prospects and customers.

Apart from these inbound channels, you can try these channels…

Video Content


Content Marketing


Though Leadership




PPC Forum and Community Building


Sponsoring Events


Opt-in Email Lists


Viral Marketing


Earned Social Media


Print Media Content Creation

Final thought…

All these channels mentioned above are just conduits for Inbound Marketing. The focus therefore should be on designing the perfect plan, strategy, and content to gain the attention of customers.

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