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Data Appending

Use Data Appending to detox your prospects

Today, data driven marketing focuses on 'live prospects' not 'dead customers'. The database needs to be dusted off frequently as consumer behaviour becomes more erractic. Simply dusting is not sufficient but a detox makes the list of prospects more robust. We help you to detox by diagnosing and curing it so that your next important marketing campaign to attract the right prospects is successful. What's more, we also explain how often the detox is essential with critical data appending.

Dirty data clogs the propspect contact list

What's dirty about a database? As you collect copoius amounts of information about prospects, the list spreads like ginger in all directions. Over a period of time, people move on, change addresses and numbers or just drop of the radar. These are dead contacts which need to be purged via expert detox services. A robust customer database is important and as a marketing manager you will need to have accurate information to act upon. The data is dirty when it is outdated, incomplete, has errors, not accurate with information or is duplicated. In a competitive market place, data detox can be a top prirority for effective sales. We offer data appending services for your email leads, business contacts, and distributor listings. Hence, detox is essential. But, where does it begin from?

Raw data-Back to source

We offer our expertise with data cleaning services as the ideal prescription. The entire database is collected from all sources and is purged for marketing and business development. We go back to the raw data and process it. During the process, the data gets scrubbed, cleansed and fit for reliable applications. The corrupt data is deleted, errors are rectified and the detox service brings out clean files. This new record can be used to meet your marketing requirements. The same can be used across various channels to connect with the target audience.

Do you know how quickly the data deteriorates?

More quickly than you can imagine- a database gets defunct fast. It is like eating junk food every week and then detoxifying on the weekends to remain healthy. The cycle is continous and painful at times when cleansing is overlooked. An annual data cleaning service is essential before the start of a crucial campaign or maybe earlier. This is where you can redefine your strategy for consumer connect too. Data appending can help you to know your customers better. We compare your file with our database and update it by filling in all the missing details and replacing outdated information with newer ones.

For example, you might have email addresses of many prospects but no phone numbers. Our data appending services helps you in getting all the update phone numbers. Thus, it opens up new channels for you to communicate with customers. It is important that you keep on updating your existing data. Take care that your marketing resources are not wasted due outdated data.

Give us a call and let us diagnose the health of your database. Maybe it needs a detox, rightway.
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