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Data Management Sees An Upsurge, But There Will Be Challenges

With growing number of channels and sources of data collection, it is becoming difficult to manage vast data. Unlike previously managed by IT teams, the data can no longer be manually altered, added, or removed based on the request from different teams.

The vast data available makes it impossible to be manually managed and this is where the quest for a data management service provider begins. Also the lack of security, quality maintenance and ability to adhere to fast changing data compliance adds more challenges.

Let us look at these challenges in data management that might come up and how you can tackle them.

1. Enormous data and increased compliances

The internet of things (IoT) is going to change a lot of things including the amount of user data that flows in. With this increased data collection, the need for more data compliances will increase too. The digital users demand and hold more control over their data.

To address this challenge, partner with a data management company that can design solutions in compliance than creating ad-hoc solutions.

Whether it is data backup, data verification or data segmentation, Span Global Services manages your customer data through specialized data-centric solutions.

2. Several data sources

Another challenge for marketers will be that the data is available from several sources. With increased usage of social media, communication tools, multiple devices and applications, the number of information tagged to each consumer has increased too. Data is no longer generated through one single source to enable traditional analysis.

To overcome this challenge, unify the data streams wherever possible. Creating ready data-set can become a ready reckoner for data-driven marketing activities.

3. Growing need for data library

Tech Republic emphasizes that organizations will have growing need for creation of data libraries. With enormous amount of data being generated, it becomes unmanageable to store every byte of data even with cloud storage. In turn, creation of libraries for data storage that could be used as references and repeat usage shall emerge.

Hiring skillful data analysts and curators would be the next focus of organizations that are serious about data management.

4. Management in the cloud

With overwhelming data flow, the market soars towards going the cloud way for data storage. Though this has been the trending topic of discussion in seminars and forums, the trend comes with its own set of challenges. The market is not matured enough with sufficient cloud-based products in the data management.

5. Disaster Recovery

The advancements in data collection, storage and analysis offer marketers with real-time insights. Decision makers will rely on this present insight for business decision making. The challenge that comes with this advancement is the existence of formal disaster recovery process.


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