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Data Management Trends

Data Management Trends

At the end of last year, the marketing gurus predicted that data is here to stay and it is not different at the end of this year too. Yes, data is here to stay though there are tremendous changes taking place in the way data is dealt with. Be it creation, storage or cleansing, data management is advancing in every dimension.

Here are the trends to watch out for in data management.

1. Increased need for security

As the volume of data explodes, managing the enormous data becomes a challenge and along with it brings security loopholes. Advancements in data management tools arises question with respect to how secure the data will be.

2. Analytics takes over Big Data

Big data will continue to grow, but analytics takes the spotlight. From identifying the effective marketing channel to most performing products, this analytics is what CIOs goes after. Analytics will begin to measure every aspect of business.

3. Cloud dependency

The elastic nature of cloud attracts more innovative companies to embrace cloud. Even with security issues remaining, companies cannot let go of cloud dependency. Companies would choose to invest on the on-demand elastic model of cloud than investing on the expensive storages.

4. Mainframe revival

IBM's announcement of a new mainframe has created the buzz of Mainframe renewal. The information that the new release has a hybrid of private cloud and mobile application capabilities makes it more likely that mainframe makes a comeback.

5. More application packages

As IT backlogs continues to exist, companies start looking for applications that offer easy accessibility and maintenance. Growing usage of mobile and app stores create the need to access all possible application types and data resources on any devices at any time. Business units will bring in applications and software packages and host them on cloud.


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