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UCC or the Uniform Commercial Code is a valuable marker for banks, lending institutions, and other merchant cash providers to scout and reach credible business borrowers who have a seasoned and verified UCC-1 filings history. If you are a financial institution that wants to expand its lending gamut but does not have qualified leads, Span Global Services offers top-notch quality UCC email database. Do you already have an old UCC email list that is failing to deliver expected customer engagement? If so, then your organization is likely suffering from data decay.

Business borrowers contact ids erode at an alarming annual rate of nearly 30%. Meaning, just under a quarter of your UCC mailing database is rendered useless within a matter of twelve months. To counter said challenge and improve customer churn, procuring new UCC email lists is cardinal.

Remember, a decaying UCC email list not only thwarts marketing ROIs but is also counter-productive for your marketing team’s morale, given they will be sending articulate personalized communication without getting many responses. This is where Span Global Services’ UCC email marketing database can come to your rescue.

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So, how do you know if your home business email list decay is crippling your customer outreach? If your well-crafted email pitch is not doing as well as it was the previous year or if your competitor is managing higher responses with a campaign lesser than yours, chances are they are using a new email list. With our mailing lists, you cannot just reach high-quality leads but even retain existing customers and enhance campaign response at budget-friendly costs. To steer clear of all kinds of data woes wreaking havoc on your marketing, choose us as your data partner.

Score the Most Qualified Leads!

Span Global Services’ data experts will collate your UCC email lists to be such that you will be able to attract and engage with the most qualified business leads across any marketing channel you choose. This will subsequently lead to high click-through and conversion rates, and ultimately, accelerate marketing ROIs. As one of the leading names in the world of deep data intelligence, Span Global Services has extended its support to countless small and large enterprises and helped them with their business goals. And having seen the market in its highs and lows for over a decade, you can trust us with your requirements.

Here’s What Your UCC Email Lists Will Contain

The UCC mailing list you receive from Span Global Services will include the most accurate and thorough information of your prospects, information such as their Full Names, Direct Calling Numbers, Email and Postal Addresses, and more! You will not find any obsolete, duplicate, or missing information. Besides, we will also ensure that your UCC email list is rigorously vetted so that only the truly interested contacts are included while letting go of the cold or lukewarm ones. All this will be delivered to you in easy-to-use formats of .csv or xls.

It is Data that Can Make or Break Your Business, So Don’t Take it Lightly!

In an age of data-driven marketing, it doesn’t take much to realize that the stronger and more solid your UCC email list, the better your prospecting will be, and the more of an edge you will have over your competitors.

It may serve you well to know that even the most well-planned email marketing campaign renders ineffective without a high-quality email list. Therefore, if you want rigorously compiled and vetted UCC email lists to fragment prospects, bypass intermediaries, and personalize communication, Span Global Services is your one-stop-shop.

We understand that trusting a third-party takes time, especially when procuring something as critical as a UCC email marketing database. After all, you will use the said list to make a lasting impression on your customers. So, choose the data supplier wisely. Request us for a free sample mailing list and we will demonstrate to you our services in deed! Get in touch today.


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