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Go paperless, switch to email appending

Email appending is one of the most effective marketing tools today. This process helps you in adding your customer�s email address.

It is one of the best marketing practices that you follow, when you add your existing customer details (first name, last name, postal address). In this way you have built your own company�s database. This contains data of the existing customer�s direct mailing information. Now, you are interested to continue business with them in a more convenient and effective way, but unfortunately you do not have their email addresses. Your customer wants to hear from you via emails and you may want to keep them updated by providing them with latest news and updates about services and products. You find it difficult for you to come with their email address; you find it even more challenging to keep the email-IDs (what you have got already) up-to-date.

Your customers data (having all the details except for email-ID) gets validated, matched and merged with our master database. The data what you have is now manually verified by our team. In this process, you get email addresses. You get an opportunity to send opt-in messages to the customers which reduces blacklisting. As a result, your company�s contact records are effective, enhanced and updated. It is compliance to CAN-SPAM guideline strictly. It is a simple cost effective way to make your email database and connects with the customer online. The entire purpose helps you to develop the email subscriber list with the intent of sending customers information via email instead of traditional mail.

The following are the steps which we follow:

Step 1: Create your files: Create customers details

  • You create your customers records, add details in it and create one file
  • Convert the file to .CSV format
  • The file is uploaded to the FTP server for processing
  • You send this file to our appending team
  • We use both manual and automated appending process

Step 2: What we do: We match and merge

  • The database that you gave us, we match it with our databases, which contains over 200 million records
  • During the matching process whenever we find an occurrences of name and address matches with the file you have given us, we append the corresponding email in your list
  • The process gets repeated, till we get all the records.

Step 3: Sending and OPT-OUT list

  • A standard verification email is sent as per CAN-SPAM - Act
  • The emails asks for the permission from the recipient for further communication, these process can be done via you or by us
  • The recipient (your existing customer) gets an opportunity to choose an option whether they want to receive the emails from you. The positive opt-out opportunity helps you get and effective email list

Step 4: Download: Freshly appended files

  • Once the entire appending process is done, the file is converted to ready-to-download file
  • You can upload the file using your FTP drive. You can also use other media

NOTE: No file is sent to you via email for security purpose

After the entire process takes place your contact details are updated and become more effective. The addition of your customer�s details can help you to

  • To complete the customer contact data
  • To expand the scope of your email marketing campaigns
  • To turn your single channel customers to multi-channel customers
  • To drive repeat business and nurture loyalty via constant customer contact
  • To reduce your marketing cost and helps you go paperless, cutting on postal and printing cost
  • To reducing blocking, blacklisting and bouncing rate
  • To increase your online revenues

Email appending is undoubtedly a great tool for any marketer to provide relevant content and information to your existing customer via email. It enhances the quality of database marketing. It is the simplest yet efficient way which helps you go paperless and to create your email database. The success of email appending depends upon the quality of the two databases being matched and merged. Email address can quickly become outdated as the data changes frequently giving invalid and outdated data.


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