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If Bad Data is Like Credit Card, How to Do Away with Them

Although, those who do not use a credit card fall under minority, there is a lot to learn from how to stay away from credit cards. And more important is how these lessons learnt can be related to managing data. Basically this minority group has two reasons to stay away from credit cards:

  • Either they are told not to use one
  • Or they can't hold back the temptation of getting into consumer debt

And that is why you have to stay away from bad data too, because:

  • You are not supposed to use them
  • You cannot hold back the temptation of using them when you have them

Here is why Natalie Bacon, a lawyer who belongs to the minority of not owning a credit card feels why she continues to avoid one.

Money Blueprint

The reason she never got a credit card was because of her propensity to spend money. She says "I naturally want things right now and usually spend based on how I'm feeling and justify it later. I like some of the finer things in life, and I think that it would be incredibly hard, if not impossible, for me to only use my credit card up to the amount I could pay off every month."

Utilizing bad data now and justifying it later is one of the grave mistakes you could commit. Invariably this will lead to bad reputation and worst performing campaigns. This might even turn out to be a costliest debt to pay back. If you want your email campaigns to give you best results, it is incredibly hard to expect that with bad data.

Operating Without a Credit Card

Natalie teaches how she managed without a credit card: "I saved money over the summers and used my savings for any extra spending money. By using my debit card, I can only spend what I have. By using cash and spending only what I have in the bank, I always have enough."

This is how marketers should treat data. Collate data over the time and use them when you launch a campaign. Use only clean and verified email database. So you can expect a positive result.

Maintain an excellent credit score

By paying off her debts consistently, Mrs. Bacon is able to maintain an excellent credit score.

You have to learn to spend (both time and money) consistently on collating, filtering, cleansing data to maintain an excellent sender score. Pushing your Sender Score to an optimum isn't necessarily the best way to optimize your email program results, but certainly a best practice.

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