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San Francisco, May 23, 2017

Span Global Services Presenting Ampliz at #CeBITAus 2017

Span Global Services will be presenting its state-of-the-art multichannel business automation platform Ampliz at the B2B technology gala summit CeBit Australia on 23 25 May.

APAC's largest B2B technology event, #CeBITAus is converging technological solutions from Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Cyber Security, Enterprise Mobility, e-Governance, FinTech, Digital Health Applications and Entrepreneurship Tools under one roof at the International Convention Center Sydney, Darling Harbor. 170+ keynote speakers from key tech brands like Google, Oracle, Kaspersky, Accenture, Cisco, Microsoft, NetSuite etc. and 40+ independent thought leaders will be sharing their brightest ideas throughout a chain of 8 major conference sessions. Span Global Services will exhibit its data-centric capabilities on the same stage, alongside 350 other business leaders.

Span Global Services adds the power of data to CeBITs business technology advancements.

  • Cloud-based marketing automation platform Ampliz
  • Technology user data search engine Tech Connect
  • Tech user-base information enhancer Tech Intelligence

About Ampliz:

The cloud-based multichannel automation platform Ampliz is the ultimate data-driven solution to all enterprise marketing and campaign needs. Divided into Marketing Data Management and Marketing Automation, the one-stop shop simplifies marketers tasks for email marketing, CRM integration, lead generation & nurturing, landing page & form construction, and social media & content marketing. Its services include a complete database management suite, specializing in 12+ kinds of data appending categories and a dual-phase data verification process.

CEBIT Exhibition

Louise Marsland, certified user of the innovative automation solution, praised Ampliz's business-tailored services. "We were on the lookout for a sophisticated, user-friendly, and cost-effective marketing database management platform. Ampliz tailored algorithms as per our requirement at a very reasonable price," he said.

When asked about the tool's campaign efficiency, Mr. Marsland confirmed, "We could easily roll out our multi-channel campaigns using Ampliz."

CeBITs focus is to create future communities (business or otherwise) keeping human values at its center. Member of the World Economic Forum and also a keynote speaker in #CeBITAus, international thought-leader Nicholas Davis expressed similar thoughts in his speech on the Fourth International Revolution (4IR).

"We have the ability to redefine how technology and human collaboration challenges what it means to be human, what it means to work and live in our societies ... We have the ability to redefine how technology and human collaboration challenges what it means to be human, what it means to work and live in our societies," Davis was quoted in CeBITs recent media release.


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