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Region-Specific Data Policies | European Union (EU)

Span Global Services (SGS) honors data regulation policies sensitive to different geographical regions, and abides by them in detail.

Policy Source:

For the European Union territory, SGS amends by

  • The European Union Data Protection Directive 1995 (Directive 95/46/EC) on protecting individual and organizational rights about free flow and processing of personal data.
  • General Data Protection Regulation 2016, which supersedes the Data Protection Directive. To be mentioned, the 2016 Regulation will be enforceable by May, 2018.
  • Recommendations of the Council Concerning Guidelines Governing the Protection of Privacy and Trans-Border Flows of Personal Data laid out by OECD.

Span Global Services also respects the separate data privacy laws for each country under the EU territory, and the ‘third country’ (countries outside EU) data transfer policies formulated by the European Union Commission.

Data Collection & Usage:

Span Global Services’ privacy structure follows the seven important components of the OECD recommendations and principles:

  • Notice - Individuals and organizations enlisted under SGS databases are made aware of their inclusion.
  • Purpose - Span Global Services uses personal information of included entities only for the purpose of which it was collected:
    • Maintaining data quality of the SGS Master Database (MDb)
    • Providing information to clients for marketing purposes
  • Consent - Consent to such data usage is collected through legally practicable media
  • Security - Span Global Services ensures protection and integrity of the collected data and secures it from potential abuses
  • Disclosure - All private and business data under Span Global Services’ master database is collected from legitimate organizations and publicly available sources, through lawful marketing practices.
  • Access – Data subjects are allowed to report Span Global Services about their respective incorrect data and request for justified corrections.
  • Accountability – Span Global Services will be obligated to abide by the above regulations. In the instance of violation, subjects will have rights to cease our access to their respective information through a formal opt-out request.

Opt-Out Privileges:

An individual enlisted under SGS database(s) may request to opt out of receiving any further contact and/or recede access to their information from Span Global Services or its partners.